Pregnant with a Peppercorn // 5 weeks pregnant

Saturday 18th October 2014
According to my Babycentre app I’m now 5 weeks pregnant! Excellent work! I should probably find a new app, as I used the Babycentre app when I was pregnant with Busby and it’s almost all the same…
5 weeks pregnant My cravings have ramped up; as well as red meat I’ve been craving copious amounts of chilli and heat in my food! The Pizza Express chilli oil did nothing for me yesterday, so I ended up covering the half-pizza I took home after lunch in chilli flakes as a pre-dinner snack (Nick helped out too)… I also want egg yolk. Lots of egg yolk. In fact my ideal meal at the moment would be a steak with 2-3 eggs and some form of chilli sauce… Peppercorn is certainly taking after Daddy so far!

I’ve had a really emotional day today – tears and feeling sad. I hate feeling out of control with my feelings, and pregnancy doesn’t really allow you to take control of your emotions. We’ve got some big changes coming up and I think that, combined with the bone-numbing exhaustion I’m currently feeling, isn’t making me feel totally sane!

Sunday 19th October 2014
Last night I dreamt of steak! Oh glorious steak! I think Peppercorn wants to try the Atkins diet…

I had fried egg yolk on toast for breakfast this morning, with chilli flakes… my body is certainly wanting some odd things! As well as the strange food cravings, I feel like I’m growing a mini radiator inside of me – we had to open the window last night as I was too hot to sleep… in the middle of October!!!

Monday 20th October 2014
I have been feeling really tearful the last two days; the smallest of things have been setting me off. Silly hormones! Also, I’ve had a few glimpses of morning sickness, which I’m expecting to hit me full whack next week.

I’m still having cramps, and a lot of indigestion (which I never experienced when I was pregnant with Busby) so I think the cramps might be down to trapped wind (sexy). I’m hopefully going to see the Doctor tomorrow to a) confirm the pregnancy on record and b) ask about all this cramping, bloating and pain.

I’m feeling rather well-endowed in the breast department right now; they’re definitely making their presence known! There are some perks to pregnancy… Excuse the pun!

Tuesday 21st October 2014
I had an appointment with the doctor today to confirm the pregnancy. She was useless… I wasn’t expecting her to do another test, as I’ve done five at home, but she didn’t work out my due date (thank goodness for apps), she grudgingly tested me for a UTI, and had to keep disappearing off downstairs to the Reception to ask them questions! Then she gave me the number for the Labour Ward to book my first appointment with the Community Midwives, rather than the Community Midwives number!?! Nick had me on the phone in tears. Her behaviour and attitude seemed to be “well, this is your second child – get on with it!” When I needed a bit of support…

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  1. Fran
    11th December 2014 / 10:10 am

    I had that same attitude with my first from drs and midwives!!! Spent many appts in tears!!

  2. 11th December 2014 / 4:53 pm

    Such wonderful news this is i look forward to your entries! Shame on that gp though make sure you don’t have her again I wouldn’t trust her!xx

  3. 11th December 2014 / 7:53 pm

    Awwwwwh!! So exciting! Congratulations! Love the new design, too!!

  4. A-M
    28th July 2015 / 4:51 pm

    I had this with the doctor when I made it ‘official’. But he wouldn’t even give me any kind of phone number to refer myself with. He said he’d pass it on and the midwife would contact me at 10 weeks. Except he never did and no-one contacted me. I ended up ringing the maternity ward of the local hospital as it was the only pregnancy-related number I could find and having a hormonal sob at them at 11 weeks. They were extremely kind and nice. And it’s my first! This doctor also recommended taking daily, multiple paracetamol for my cramps, which the midwife said to avoid. I’m glad the midwife is so nice, I’m avoiding the doctor!

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