Pregnant with a Peppercorn // 8 weeks pregnant

I can’t quite believe it’s been 4 weeks since I found out I was pregnant! If the rest of the pregnancy flies by like this I’ll be holding Peppercorn in no time!
8 weeks pregnant
Baby Peppercorn is currently the size of a kidney bean, and is developing ickle webbed fingers and toes.

This week I’ve been craving: Chai tea lattes, olives, bacon, tzatziki, smoked salmon. Again it’s all about the salt! I can’t drink still water at the moment, as for some very strange reason it gives me a horrid taste in my mouth and makes me feel very sick. The only water I can drink is fizzy water, which has to be fridge-cold and I have to gulp it down…

I’m still feeling very sick and exhausted. I can hardly keep my eyes open past 9pm, which is making life rather difficult.

My bump is also growing!
8 weeks pregnant
I finally sorted the whole midwife-scan debacle on Thursday. I have a Booking Appointment on the Saturday after we move, and a scan the week after. I’m so thankful for the amazing Midwife who took the time to read my letter, call me, listen to my concerns (and tears!) and who sorted everything out for me. Already Northern kindness is showing its face, and we haven’t even moved yet. It’s taken a huge weight off my mind knowing that Peppercorn will definitely be scanned in the right time frame, and that I don’t have to immediately register with the Doctor’s surgery the day we arrive in Yorkshire! Phew!

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  1. 15th December 2014 / 8:43 pm

    Love reading bump diaries- will look forward to reading your journey! x

  2. 15th December 2014 / 9:36 pm

    It’s so exciting! I’m so glad I’m past the point of being asleep by 9pm every evening, that’s what really hit me the most! Hope the funny taste that water gives you goes away soon!

    It’s really nice to hear that the midwife was so nice to you as well!

    Emma |

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