Give your child’s room a makeover for the New Year

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The dreaded C word is just around the corner, and while many of us are still fretting over what to buy our family for Christmas, the more ambitious among us are looking forward to big changes for the New Year.

A new year is a great excuse for a few home improvements, and a good place to start (before you start ripping out the kitchen!) is the child’s bedroom – it’s the one member of the household who won’t mind having his or her room disturbed and is relatively cheap compared to matching an adult’s expensive tastes.

So how can you make your child’s bedroom fun and inspiring whilst also giving a nod to the latest winter trends? Here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Blue is the colour
It’s something of a blessing that Disney hit Frozen has come along at the same time as this winter trend – with deep blues making waves amongst the latest interior designers’ favourites, you can pay tribute to the wintry atmosphere of the film and create a fun and exciting environment for your child. To really capture their imagination, try a themed bed, which can range from castles to even snakes and ladders – bedtime has never been more fun.

Inspire their learning
While many of today’s learning aids comprise iPads or even smartphones, this season, we’re going back to the traditional with the latest trend that’s cropping up in kids’ bedrooms everywhere. If you’ve a budding geographer in the family, try investing in a vintage globe – aim for a sepia toned one to really give a nod to the trend. It will make your child’s bedroom look great and will also help to teach them a thing or two – what could be better?

Let their memories go up, up and away
One new trend that is becoming a hit with interior designers everywhere is the famed ‘memory balloon‘, which can help add a splash of colour to any inquisitive child’s place of rest and study. These funky little props are in actual fact light fittings which have been designed to look like they are balloons that have floated away. They come in a variety of colours from yellow to green and purple, so you can really go to town with a range of colour palettes. Your little one will love it and feel like they’re in the Disney hit Up.

*Written in collaboration with Katie Meadows*

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