New Year Health and Beauty Resolutions

I doubt there is a single item on the following list that you haven’t read before. It’s also highly likely that you once convinced yourself you would really commit to each of them – but when was the last time you got your dental floss out?

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Can you even find it amongst the plethora of all those half empty containers of specialist products you bought with such good intention but which now sit … forgotten … at the back of your bathroom cabinet?

If not then why not take the opportunity to change? It’s almost New Year after all and what better time is there to dig out those beauty products and start looking after yourself properly?

Most products and routines require just a few minutes a day to really make a difference and you’ll thank yourself for the hard work later – especially when summer rolls around, which will come quicker than you think!

SPF moisturiser

If you haven’t already started checking your daily moisturiser for a decent SPF, you really ought to. Those nasty UV rays are around even in the midst of winter when sunburn is the least of your concerns, so do your best to protect yourself against the signs of aging. It won’t cost a great deal either as most high street brands offer products with built-in SPF. No more excuses for this one.

Clean your makeup brushes

There’s no point spending time and money on looking after your skin if you fail to regularly clean your makeup brushes. Bits of old makeup, oil, dirt and even bacteria can get trapped in the bristles – who wants to smear that all over their face? Some warm water and shampoo is all this task needs.

Use a body brush every day

The results are impressive and the input is minimal with this one! If you don’t own a body brush, invest in one now. All it takes is a few minutes every morning of gentle all-over dry brushing, targeting problem areas such as the thighs and stomach, and your circulation will be invigorated. It also lifts away dead skin cells and can really help in the fight against cellulite.

Add it to your morning routine, just before your shower, and you’ll notice the difference in no time.

Look after your teeth

Don’t skip on flossing alongside your two minutes of brushing twice a day and don’t put off regular visits to the dentist either. If you register with a local surgery – such as Petersfield dentists for those living in Petersfield – then you can fit appointments in at more convenient times and thus increase your likelihood of having regular check-ups.

Get into the habit of booking an appointment at least twice a year and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to your smile. You won’t regret it if your dentist discovers a small problem early-on; preventing it from developing into a condition that requires costly treatment to correct.

Look after your hands and feet

All too often our extremities are deprived of the TLC they deserve. If you’re guilty of this, keep cuticle oil and a nourishing cream in your handbag, at work or by your bed. You’ll soon realise you regularly reach for it if it’s there!

If you find yourself partaking in an annual rush to get your feet flip-flop ready for summer then it’s also worth investing some time on your tootsies too! A small amount of time spent on regular exfoliation and daily moisturising will maintain your feet’s condition and save hours of pampering in six months’ time. What more could you want?

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