Tips for storing kids’ toys

Any parent will soon become familiar with the difficulties associated with toys – more specifically, the organisation and storage of these toys. As the collection grows, so does the risk of parts going missing and toys over spilling into the room on a more permanent basis.

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All children need toys, but practical and effective ways to store them away neatly and out of sight once play time is over is just as important. With Father Christmas getting ready to pay your home another visit, a new array of dinosaurs and dolls are sure to head your way, so read ahead for some top toy tidying tips.

Under bed storage

Lots of beds come with roomy integrated drawers, which provide so much extra space. Their positioning close to the ground makes them ideal as they are easily accessible to the younger members of the family. With this in mind, make sure you only choose to store toys that are suitable for them to get their hands on without supervision. If you don’t opt for a bed with drawers built in, make sure the bed has at least some room underneath for you to add your own drawers or bags.

Storage units double up as craft stations

Look out for storage units with wheels that can be locked up and out of the way when they’re finished with – and can act as a mini craft station holding all your kids’ more arty supplies, like paints and glues. It helps keep these potential mess-makers separate from other toys, too.

Personalise storage bags and boxes

One of your biggest oppositions when it comes to keeping things in order will be the willingness of your children to tidy up after themselves. It’s a boring job so encourage them with personalised drawstring bags or baskets with their photo or name on.

Invest in some jars for small bits and bobs

Smaller items like rubbers and sharpeners, as well as little parts of toy sets or games like dolls’ shoes are more likely to go missing if they’re stored away freely amongst the rest. Small jars or mini boxes keep everything in better order and save endless searching.

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