Review // Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Skincare Range

As it transpires, I’ve tried quite a few prenatal skincare products over the past three years. It was somewhat a novelty to sample different bump creams during Busby’s pregnancy (a small purchasing addiction was born there), and I’ve been extremely lucky during this pregnancy to be given the opportunity to try so many lovely items. Which is why I feel quite confident and well-placed to say that the Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal Skincare range is by far the best and most luxurious, gorgeous prenatal range I have come across so far.
natalia vital touch review
The lovely folk at Vital Touch sent me a joyful box of goodies from their prenatal and labour range to try, and I have felt seriously pampered since they arrived!

The box included; Prenatal Massage Oil, Prenatal Leg Refresher, Prenatal Instant Revitaliser, Prenatal Anti-stretch Butter and the Prenatal Bath Soak. The Natalia Labour and Birth Box (£34.50), and the Perineal Massage Oil (£16.50 for 60ml) were also in the box, although I haven’t had a chance to use these yet… 13-17 weeks to go!
natalia vital touch review

There are three items from the Prenatal range that have swiftly become my essentials over the past few weeks:
natalia vital touch review 1. Prenatal Leg Refresher (£10 for 60ml)
This product is IDEAL for swollen feet and legs. I honestly can’t recommend it enough! The cool gel is made from organic aloe vera and lemon, and feels instantly refreshing as soon as it’s applied. It has become part of our evening routine for Nick to apply this to my tired legs post-bath. (I told you he’s a gem!)

2. Prenatal Bath Soak (£8.75 for 100ml)
Wow. This bath soak is heavenly! It produces such an amazing bubble bath; lots of bubbles and it smells utterly divine! It’s perfect after a busy, tiring day, and made of 100% natural ingredients, so wonderful for sensitive skin.

3. Prenatal Instant Revitaliser (£7.50 for 10ml)
This roll-on is fantastic for days when you have absolutely no energy and a Toddler to look after (every day then!). It rolls onto your pulse points and gives you a kick of energy needed to keep going… plus it smells gorgeously of orange and geranium. It’s also a fantastic “pick me up” for evening events when all you want to do is curl up and sleep… I think I’m going to be using this even more when the third trimester starts in a few weeks!
natalia vital touch review

The other two Prenatal Natalia products included in the box of beautiful items were the:
4. Prenatal Anti-Stretch Butter (£13.75 for 60ml)
This is a beautiful butter, that leaves my bump feeling nourished and soft. It requires a little bit of warming to get it out the pot as it’s quite a hard, waxy mixture, but once on, feels wonderful. I have used this butter occasionally, but due to my current eczema-bump situation I haven’t been able to use it as much as I would have liked to.
natalia vital touch review
5. Prenatal Massage Oil (£9.50 for 100ml)
This massage oil is absolutely beautiful, and perfect for an end of the day massage from your adoring Other Half. It smells divine, and the infused lavender oil is guaranteed to help you snooze.

All of the range come in glass containers, which adds to the luxuriousness of the product. I thoroughly recommend the Vital Touch Natalia Prenatal range, and I’m certain I will be buying these products for myself and friends for many years to come; they would make the perfect treat for a pregnant friend or family member!

All of the above range can be found and purchased from the Vital Touch website.

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*I received the above item in exchange for this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*


  1. 12th March 2015 / 2:09 pm

    We have these for review too and I’m loving using them. They are such gorgeous products and so beautifully presented.

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