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Positive Birthing Apologies for being a bit lax on my positive pregnancy posts over the past few weeks – redecorating the house and (finally) moving all our belongings has taken over life, and I’m finding it difficult to remember my own name, let alone think about giving birth in a mere 2-6 weeks…!

However, yesterday saw a change to this; an opportunity to sit and talk about labour, and discuss how I’d like it go. And it’s left me feeling positive and excited again.

Yesterday, I had my Home Birth Booking appointment with a lovely Community Midwife. I’ll be honest, it’s taken about a week of waiting by my phone for this appointment. A few times during this waiting period I’ve questioned as to why it has been so difficult to organise, and has left me wondering whether the Midwifery Team actually wanted me to have a Home Birth – did they see it as inconvenient? Was I being an awkward “Earth Mother” type in a community where the Home Birth rate is only 1-2%? Was my dream of a Home Birth a hippy-esque notion that could only be fulfilled in somewhere like my beloved Brighton? My over-thinking mind thought so, and I found myself backtracking on all of the good work I’ve been doing, and I even started reconsidering a birth in hospital.

But then the appointment happened.

We spent almost two hours chatting through the paperwork, going through any concerns etc, and carrying out the normal antenatal checks. Baby is fine – he’s engaged already and the Midwife thinks he’ll be a bit bigger than Busby was when she was born (6lb 14oz), but shouldn’t be too much bigger… (Phew! Thank goodness for the small genes on Nick’s side of the family!). The Midwife made me feel safe, feel welcome, and best of all, made me feel like I’d made the right decision choosing a Home Birth. There were a few subjects that left me a little worried, for example, the risks associated with a physiological third stage rather than a managed, but as Nick reassured me when I chatted to him after work, the Midwives have to talk through these things so I’m aware of what can happen.

The positive path continued after the Midwife left, as Nick came home with a new Hypnobirthing book for me to read from our teacher! We start our “crash course” in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait. Everything about Hypnobirthing and Positive Birth just makes total and utter sense to me, and opening the book I came across this quote from the marvellous Ina May Gaskin:
ina may gaskin quote It reminded me of the all the hard work I’ve already achieved; changing my mindset for this birth dramatically.

It also reinforced what I already knew, but had forgotten about birth: I can do this. I have no reason to be afraid.

ps If this were written via IM, I would totally add a fist pump emoticon…

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  1. Becks
    22nd May 2015 / 12:47 pm

    I had both of my boys at home, in a pool in the front room. When people found out both times where I planned to give birth, their reply was usually ‘you’re brave’. No, not brave. Giving birth at home is no more dangerous than at hospital with an uncomplicated pregnancy. People would then try and justify why they were going to hospital rather than stay at home. My response was always that you should go where you and your birthing partner feel comfortable as the one of the most important things is to be relaxed. What people found even more shocking was that I’m a nurse and would have expected me to go to hospital even more so as I surely know the more about the negative outcomes?!

    I wish you all the best with your home birth. I found it important to remember that if I couldn’t handle it at home, I wouldn’t be ‘failing’ by going to hospital but would be doing the best by myself and my baby. I won’t say good luck, as that has nothing to do with it! I wish you a positive, safe birth- wherever and however it happens!

  2. 24th May 2015 / 11:15 pm

    Yay – so pleased to hear you had a positive appointment Hannah and that all is going to plan for you. I really admire how positive you are being about your birth and am taking leaves from your book each time a read your posts! xx

  3. 5th June 2015 / 9:28 pm

    Another fab and positive post! I’m glad the home birth plans are coming along nicely. Keep looking for a birth announcement from you!! Thanks for linking up to #MaternityMatters x xx

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