Thirteen signs you grew up with Disney

13 signs you grew up with disney

Many of us spent rainy afternoons throughout our childhood, rewinding VHS tapes of our favourite Disney films and being served cheese sandwiches by our parents while we immersed ourselves in the stories of the fun characters on screen.

For those of us who remember growing up with Disney we definitely bear the traits of its magical effect and have carried it with us into our adult lives. For example:

1. When you go swimming you put your legs together and imagine you are a mermaid
And when you emerge from the water you also imagine your hair is still perfectly coiffured like Ariel’s and not stuck to your head.

2. You believe that true love exists
And one day you’ll have a big wedding filled with songbirds and cake and giant floral arrangements and everyone you love. For now though, you’re stuck swiping on Tinder until that perfect person sweeps you off your feet.

3. You try to talk to your furry companion but they just won’t talk back
Every Disney princess has a smart little animal that follows her around, why won’t your cat at least let you stroke it without trying to swipe at your face?

4. But when you do hold your cat you always raise it high like you’re a mystical baboon and it’s the baby lion Prince of Africa
No wonder it hates you.

5. You wear Disney merchandise with pride
No one can put you down for wearing the heck out of that Beauty and the Beast t-shirt and you’re always searching for great Disney deals on LamaLoLi.

6. If you see a dog wearing a collar, to stop it licking its stitches, you always refer to it as the cone of shame
I do not like the cone of shame

7. You’ve definitely called to a pigeon outside to come and do your washing up
Sadly wild animals don’t do household chores like Disney suggests.

8. And you can’t see a group of seagulls without saying ‘mine?’
And anyone you’re with usually knows what you’re talking about. If they don’t, it’s probably a good idea to cut all ties with them.

9. You watched Disney Channel when Lizzie McGuire and That’s So Raven were on
Obviously the best Disney shows ever.

10. You know that if you want to get buff you just need to eat raw eggs
Five dozen should do it, to get to the size of a barge.

11. You’ve always wanted to try that spaghetti sharing moment out.
But it’s probably best not to try it on a first date.

12. You can speak whale
And you like to demonstrate your abilities whenever you go to the seaside.

13. You have unrealistic expectations when it comes to your hair
Damn you Ariel and your bouncy fringe! And Belle with that immaculate top knot, half up, half down style. Oh, and let’s not forget Mulan who can cut her hair into a perfect bob with a sword – and wipe her make up off completely with one wipe of her sleeve. Sigh.

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  1. Emma Barrington
    12th May 2015 / 7:18 am

    Definitely number 8!

    We visited Bempton Cliffs (worth a visit when you’re an East Riding resident and have a bit of time) a couple of weeks ago and ‘mine’ featured a lot 🙂 xx

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