Three Ace Products with Guaranteed Results

The high street is a place of perils and pitfalls, baffling bargains and dodgy discounts. But the onslaught of merchandise can become a little more bearable when you’ve got a helping hand.


Nowhere is this truer than in the hunt for the perfect beauty regime. There are so many “miracle cures”, “fantastic results” and “guaranteed successes” that every product you buy on the high street can’t possibly work. There have to be at least a few duds.

In a billion dollar beauty industry, there’s an almost endless supply of snake oil salesmen trying to hawk their latest MacGuffin.

With that in mind, we’ve found some products that are guaranteed to hit the beauty spot.

So what can we recommend?

Sure fire shampoo

You might think your standard shampoos will do little more than give your follicles a rinse. But the nasty chemicals and irksome additives in the bottle can strip your hair of all of its natural goodness.

Yet natural alternatives are available. A simple gander online and you’ll find Wen sweet almond mint shampoo that, thanks in part to its all-natural formula, won’t remove any of the goodness from your hair.

It won’t lather as visibly as standard shampoos, but the results will be all the better.

A sop for soaps

In this space age 21st century of shower gels, a bar of soap almost has a retro chic to it, like vinyl or Bruce Forsyth.

Outside of mini soaps in hotel rooms, you might think there’s little fun to be had when discussing the beautiful bars of hygiene.

But that’s where you’d be wrong. When you buy a good bar of soap, you could quite literally come up smelling of roses.

Lush are one of the finest purveyors of the lathery stuff in the UK, and can guarantee that their testing process is free from animal cruelty. They offer all manner of scents, from the pungent to the mild. So get yourself into one of their stores and start scrubbing!

All mineral foundation

We’ve all witnessed fashion disasters on the street. And what’s their most major crime? They’re wearing enough foundation to block up the ozone layer. And all that foundation won’t just look dodgy – it’ll suffocate your pores, leading to a mess of spots and blackheads.

If you want a lighter look, invest in a mineral foundation that will sit more lightly on your skin. That cakey look will recede to a memory, giving your skin a more natural look.

Moreover, this will act as the perfect base for other makeup. You’ll never want to change product again.

*Written by Kevin Fullerton.*

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