When Should You Start Passing Down Driving Tips To Your Children?

Driving is a useful skill to have. It makes life more convenient and opens up opportunities that people without their own transport simply don’t have both for work and leisure. When you have children, it is important that you pass on your driving skills to them in order for them to be responsible drivers on the road. But when should you start to do this?

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The best time

Teaching your children how to drive is different from passing down driving tips to them. Of course, you would want your children to learn how to drive as soon as they are the right age, but giving them tips can be done as early as they are able to understand. Every child may be different – and some may be more eager to drive for themselves than others. The important starting point is to set a good example. Don’t forget that you are a role model for your child and if they see you driving recklessly they will see this as acceptable behaviour. Whatever you choose to preach needs to be something that you already practice.

It’s also worth noting that some driving tips are also useful in that they can help your children to be better pedestrians. Simple driving tips, such as obeying speed limits, looking at road signs, and being aware of vehicles and people on the road can be taught at a young age and help your children to avoid hazards when they begin to leave the house on their own.

Before they get the licence

When it’s time for your children to get their driving licence, they must pass a practical test, as well as a driving theory test. These are both things you can clearly help with. Take the latter, for example. With this test you can help by running through mock tests with your children and encouraging their study.

With the former, you can offer practical pearls of wisdom to help them get the hang of the new skills they are learning. Mix in verbal help with demonstrations and, if possible, extra lessons.

Tips and reminders after passing their driver’s test

After your children pass their driving test, the lessons are far from over. They may be excited at the prospect of getting out into the world while driving their own vehicle and not having anyone else do it for them. However, it is always good to remind them that driving is a big responsibility and it should be done with caution and safety. Good drivers learn all the time – especially when confronted with new roads, conditions vehicles.

Don’t forget to remind your children that they should not only be looking out for themselves on the road, but they should also look out for other people’s safety, as other drivers may not be as responsible as they are. Teaching your kids and giving them tips will make them be more prepared of the adventures and journeys that are ahead of them.

Essentially, as a parent, you can pass driving tips on to your children from the moment they show an interest in getting behind the wheel. While they are preparing for their test you will be required to be at your most active but before that you can pass on the basics and set an example and after that you can continue to ensure your child takes to the road in a safe manner.

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