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In my teenage years I was a frequent babysitter for a number of local families. I used to look after one little boy at least monthly, and I was often asked to babysit him during the day. On this particular day, we were eating lunch in the lounge when he began to choke on a piece of banana. He went purple, and thankfully, I was rather clued up on my first aid (thanks to my Mum who’s a Nurse and the recent First Aid course I’d attended for my Duke of Edinburgh award) so I managed to dislodge the banana by getting him to kneel forwards while I patted his back with some force. It was a very scary experience, and I was so thankful I had the knowledge to deal with the situation, as it could have been a very different story otherwise.

british red cross app

First Aid is an essential life skill for every parent; we have a duty to our children to learn the basics of First Aid, in case of injury or emergency.

The British Red Cross are here to help the 6,500,000 parents in the UK with children under five. They have recently released a fantastic new (free) Baby and Child First Aid app which is informative, educational and empowering. It’s incredibly easy to use and covers lots of First Aid bases.

It has five options on the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen:british red cross app

  • Learn: Read up on common first aid situations and ailments, and how you would deal with them. Contains very useful animations, for example, if a child was choking, it shows the correct positioning of back blows and why it needs to be in that exact position. The videos are also fantastic!
  • Prepare: Contains home checklists for making your space a safer one for children and babies.
  • Emergency: A fantastic section on common, but serious, first aid situations – includes links to call 999 if first aid isn’t effective.british red cross app
  • Test: Test yourself on common first aid situations e.g. what would you do if your child had a head injury?
  • Toolkit: Where you can add your child’s health record (i.e. GP details and any allergies)british red cross app

The app also gives you £5 off a British Red Cross Baby and Children First Aid course, so you can put your knowledge to the test and practise.

This app would have quite literally been a life saver if I hadn’t had the first aid knowledge I already possessed, and I can see it being incredibly useful in the coming days, weeks, months and years in our household… especially with one very clumsy toddler in our midst!

Get your free baby and child first aid app now from the iTunes App store or the Google Play store.

Find out more about the British Red Cross’ #RappedUp campaign here. You can watch the awesome advert for the app here (it’s seriously cool!)!


*Post written in collaboration with the British Red Cross.*

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