Motherhood // Flying Solo…again

I wrote this post back when Busby was around five weeks old, following my first day of flying solo with her.

Well, yesterday marked my first day of flying solo with two children!

flying solo

And I survived! Without crying, and without requiring any form of alcoholic beverage by lunchtime, or even 6pm 5pm! In fact, by the time both children were fed, watered, bathed and the eldest in bed, all I wanted was a large glass of water and a huge bowl of ice cream. 


In actual fact, it was a rather lovely day! Busby had been up in the night, so slept until just before 9am. Indy fed from about 6am until 7am, and then Nick took him downstairs so I could get some sleep without an adorable baby on my chest. I managed to have an hour of sleep before Nick needed to hop in the shower, and then Indy fed for about 10 minutes and we both fell back to sleep! I was woken up by a steaming hot cup of tea by the bed, and a large bowl of muesli (ideal breastfeeding fodder! It’s all in the magical oats!) just before Nick left for work… Then Busby wandered into the room, sleepy-eyed with a large pile of Paddington books, so everyone had a nappy change and we snuggled into bed for a read (and Indy a feed. Obvs.).

We were breakfasted, dressed and relatively presentable by lunchtime! An achievement I think!

Indy spent a large part of the day in the Papoozle, which has been a total godsend (I have a review and giveaway coming up on the blog soon), and he snoozed for most of the time, waking up around 3.30pm for a feed.

After a lovely post-lunch chinwag with a (homemade) babycinno and a chai latte, Busby and I spent the afternoon crafting; making collages “for Daddy” (she missed Nick lots yesterday, after almost five weeks of having him around every day) and chatting about the next few weeks, as her bestie is coming to visit soon!


Not only this, I managed to put on the dishwasher, do some washing up and have a bit of a tidy, so I was feeling pretty smug by the time Nick got home from work!

Oh, and I managed to have three HOT cups of tea! THREE!

We’re off out today to meet some new, but old, friends, and have to be there for a set time, so wish me luck, as leaving the house with two is quite the challenge…!


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  1. 28th July 2015 / 1:10 pm

    Well done you! I am actually dreading having to look after two on my own… I’m just glad Toby is still going to be going to nursery every afternoon to start with, although that does mean I have to get him there!

  2. 28th July 2015 / 9:06 pm

    Well done lovely- that first day is always the one I dread, I did both times and cried both times when my husband went back to work! You are totally allowed to feel smug! x

  3. 28th July 2015 / 11:02 pm

    Well done you! Tidying up and the dishwasher is a HUGE achievement!
    I used Spencer going back to work as an excuse to watch Netflix most of the day haha!

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