Guest Post // Three Top Tips for Choosing Your Child’s First Bed

Three Top Tips for Choosing Your Child’s First BedYour child’s first night spent in a proper bed is one that you’ll remember forever. It may not seem like a major milestone to those without children, but parents know that it’s a big step on the road to growing up. Along with their first smile, walking, and first times feeding and dressing themselves, it’s another mile further along the path that stretches from babyhood to adulthood.

For little ones, too, it can be a big deal. Cradles and cribs are all very different to your standard beds, and the transition can be a real upheaval, leading to night-time upsets, fragmented sleep, and disturbances for the whole family.

That’s why it’s important to do it properly, to make the shift from one to the other as easy and stress-free as possible for everyone involved. Here are three top tips to help you out…

Tip #1: Choose the Right Size Bed

One of the factors that sets cradles, cribs, and cots apart from standard beds is, of course, their size, but sometimes parents forget to account for how unsettling this can be for little ones. Using an existing double transplanted into your child’s room usually doesn’t work, as it doesn’t feel as close and safe for tiny tots, so single beds – like these from BedzRus – are a must. Better yet, if you have the budget to upgrade more than once over the next couple of years, you can often get your hands on special children’s beds that act as a great stepping stone.

Tip #2: Make the Transition Exciting

One really simple way to make the move go smoothly is by making it exciting. Children love to have an input in anything to do with them, so take them along with you and give them some choice (within reason) over the bed they end up with. Although very few of us actually relish looking around bedroom depots and interior stores, kids can really enjoy this sort of trip if they know that it’s all about them. In fact, you can usually make them so excited by the whole thing that they’ll count down the days until their new bed arrives.

Tip #3: Let Your Children Choose their Own Bedclothes

Another way to up the ante and make the transition fun for your little ones is by giving them some say over the bedclothes you use. There are thousands of great sets out there to choose from, and a lot of them are specially tailored towards pleasing tiny tots. From television show themes to pink princess sheets, cars, ponies, and more, there’s something to appeal to every child, so let them pick a set that they really want to crawl under come bedtime.

With these three top tips, the transition to your tiny tot’s first bed should be a doddle – for them, at least!

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