Motherhood // “Me time” with a Newborn?

In spite of the sleep deprivation, the constant boob exposure, and the Baby Limpet, I love having a Newborn. Seven weeks on, and I still find myself marvelling at this little boy; I grew him inside of me, and I continue to grow him on the outside with milk that I produce. It’s all kinds of mind boggling amazingness! And yes, I still feel perplexed and full of wonderment a second time round… You’d think the novelty of the whole “miracle of life” should have worn off really?!

There is one thing I am missing, however, and that’s “me time”; a little pocket of time that doesn’t make me feel like I’m just a milk machine!

me time with a newborn
Me craving a bit of pamper time… look at those greys!

Even now as a type (on what is a work day as Busby is at Nursery), Indy is curled up on my tummy having a post-feed snooze… So time to myself, even work time, isn’t in abundance. And even less so as I’m still breastfeeding.

Good job he’s so cute really!

I’d just like enough time to be able to do something for me to make myself feel a bit more, well, like me! Paint my nails. Or dye my hair, as I haven’t had it dyed since October… Hello greys! Nick is wonderful and takes Indy so I can chill in the bath for a little while each evening, but half a day of pampering would be the dream… or a spa day… with a massage… Ah!

Don’t forget the prosecco…!

It’s my birthday in just under two weeks (hooray!) and I’ve been eying up hair styling products from as fancy doing something a bit different with my hair for the occasion. I’m feeling a bit of a slummy mummy at the moment (typing this in my pjs) and, as we’re going out for lunch on the day, I want to do something with it to make me feel more yummy! But curling tongs + Velcro Baby = too much of a health hazard?!

Perhaps I’ll just treat myself to an eyebrow wax to get rid of the New Mama Monobrow… That could be done with a baby strapped to my chest, yes?!

The Newborn Haze doesn’t last forever and, as I did with Busby, I’ll miss it once it’s gone… Before I know it, the children will have flown the nest and I’ll be mourning having little people around.

Well, mourning and booking ALL the spa days…!


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*Collaborative post.*


  1. 14th August 2015 / 12:07 pm

    Pahaha, I keep reminding myself that I will have ‘me-time’ aplenty one day.

    I hope whatever you choose to do to get that little bit of (kinda) me-time, you have a lovely birthday. xx

  2. 17th August 2015 / 6:51 pm

    Is it wrong that I read ‘I’m just a milk machine’ to the tune of ‘I’m just a love machine,’ which I’m sure is by The Miracles (although baby brain fog might have got that one confused) You are so right about the conflict between wishing for a little more time to yourself, yet knowing you will long for these days to come back when they’re teenagers and refusing to be seen with you in public. I hope you have some time to treat yourself to a little pampering on your birthday, even if it’s just a few spare minutes in the bathroom when you’re away x

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