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#santanderstaycationI knew, before we’d even exchanged vows, that I wanted to visit New York to celebrate our first wedding anniversary.

One year of marriage is paper, so naturally that means plane tickets? Yes?!

We’d spend a long child-free weekend sipping cocktails and eating incredible food… Perhaps catch a show on Broadway… Stroll hand-in-hand through Central Park, and then hail a cab Carrie Bradshaw style, which would take us back to our hotel with a rooftop pool…


Well, what I hadn’t banked on was falling pregnant immediately after the wedding (we’d hoped but never dreamed we’d be lucky enough to get pregnant so quickly!) so having a three month old on our first wedding anniversary sort of puts the New York dream on the back burner…

Just as well really, as the Santander 123 credit card team have recently carried out research into the cost of holidays abroad, and the average daily spend in the USA is up 21% since 2010 to £87 a day (not inclusive of hotel and flights)! Oh, and I’m fairly certain my dream New York trip might be a tad more pricey… We could always use a credit card to spread the cost of our holiday, and the experts would recommend this, as your purchase (if it’s between £100 and £30,000) is protected by law should anything go wrong.

So instead of jetting off to the US of A, and with a little bit of help from Santander, we decided to have a Staycation this weekend and make some delicious American fare ourselves!

And what better way to celebrate American cuisine than with a sexy, mouth-watering burger??!#santanderstaycation

Since we started dating back in 2011, Nick and I have been on the quest to discover the ultimate burger (this is part of the reason I want to go to New York – search #burgerporn on Instagram, I dare you). He bought me the most amazing burger recipe book for my birthday last year, but with the wedding, the relocation, the house buying and then the baby, we haven’t had a chance to explore its wonders… Until now!#santanderstaycation

Nick and Busby headed to the kitchen this weekend for a baking session, and produced the most delicious brioche buns to accompany!#santanderstaycation

#santanderstaycationNick then made some of the sexiest burgers I think I’ve ever eaten! Complete with blue cheese, gherkins and iceburg lettuce.#santanderstaycation#santanderstaycation

We thought about possibly mixing up some Manhattan cocktails and filling up the paddling pool for the “rooftop pool”, but alas Yorkshire is a bit chilly in the evenings, so we made do with a glass of prosecco each (and watched the American TV show The Walking Dead), which went down a treat!

I’m sure we’ll explore New York in years to come, but for now I’m happily nursing a burger baby in my belly and rather enjoying being at home with our newly extended family of four.


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*Collaborative post.*


  1. 17th August 2015 / 1:12 pm

    Haha #burgerporn!! Is that actually a thing? I must say that burger looks tremendous!! x

  2. 17th August 2015 / 4:25 pm

    Love the photo of Busby getting stuck in! Too cute.

    Mmm that burger looks delicious!! xx

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