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magic and pastaPasta is one of my favourite foods. I will happily eat copious amounts of it and, for me, it never gets boring.

I have fond memories of eating various different pasta dishes as a child (including alphabet spaghetti, of course!), experimenting with it at university (a few handfuls of Farfalle pasta, a can of beans, a can of tuna and A LOT of cheese! A student’s tuna pasta bake) and refining my pasta dishes in my twenties. I think one of the first dishes I ever cooked Nick was pasta-based, and one of Busby’s favourite dinners I prepare involves pasta and a lot of smoked salmon!

The above quote is certainly one I use as a sort of life mantra. Pasta is one of the reasons I will never be stick thin. Well, pasta… and cake! And I’m more than ok with that!

I agree with Nigella Lawson, who believes that there’s nothing quite like a big bowl of pasta to comfort oneself. Like a hot cup of tea in a crisis, pasta (for me) definitely has magical healing and comforting powers.

One of our favourite restaurants, Jamie’s Italian, have just released this fab infographic all about the delicious food stuff and the different pasta shapes:


Just writing this, and reading all about the delicious pasta varieties, is making me hungry for a big bowl!

*Heads to kitchen and raids cupboards*

What’s your favourite type of pasta?


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  1. 1st October 2015 / 9:55 pm

    Oh god… want pasta SO BADLY. Had some ruddy delicious pumpkin and sage ravioli last night. From co-op, not made by me. Added cheese, because everything is better with cheese.

    Apologies. May have just drooled on keyboard xxx

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