Indy // The first sleep consultation and a realistic wake-up call…

I don’t think I realised quite how bad the Indy sleep situation had become until I’d written it down on paper. Reading back through the questionnaire I’d filled out for our first consultation with the Infant Sleep Consultants, I could have cried. Over the past 3 months I’ve made many a jovial/desperate status about how little sleep I’ve been on the receiving end of, but I’ve muddled my way through with the help of my friends: Tea and Cake. And one fabulous Husband, of course!

indy yawn

However, 12 weeks on and the need for more than three hours sleep in a row is taking its toll. As my Mum said the other day, after we’d stayed with her: “You seem very flat”. And I feel flat. I feel like a grumpy, miserable mummy, who spends the day downing tea and shovelling food in her mouth in an attempt to have enough energy to do something other than put CBeebies on the television and collapse on the sofa with a giant baby quite literally eating the life out of her… 

To summarise where we’re at with Indy and sleep at the moment (if you don’t see me regularly moaning on social media):

  • He barely sleeps during the day. Usually a 30-45 minute nap, maybe twice a day. Occasionally he goes for a 2-3 hour stint around lunchtime. These naps are generally in the sling. He hates the carseat/pushchair unless it’s moving, and as soon as it stops he wakes up.
  • He usually has a nap on Nick when I go for my bath, and naps for 1-2 hours. Prior to this nap, Nick has walked around the house/garden for 10-20 minutes to get him to sleep.
  • We now give him a “dream feed” before we go to bed (usually around 11pm) and I put him on the boob to fall asleep. He can then sleep for 3 hours, but wakes up almost every hour after that.
  • Indy won’t sleep on his back, so he sleeps on his front in the crib. We are aware of the current guidelines, but they are just that – guidelines. We always ensure he’s not too hot, as temperature regulation is the reason why parents are advised to place baby on back.
  • It is only in the past 3-4 weeks, that Indy has actually let me put him down in the crib. Prior to that he spent every single night asleep on me.
  • And he still sleeps on me on at least one occasion in the night.

As you can imagine, when the Infant Sleep Consultants said they wanted to work with us I rejoiced and prayed that they will work miracles with a baby who hates sleep.

indy at 2 months
It’s a good job he’s cute…!

I’ve got to admit that I’ve never been one for parenting experts, and with Busby being (on the whole) a wonderful sleeper, I’ve never had a need to consult anyone other than family members, friends and Dr Google… but then Indy happened, and to be quite honest, I’m so desperate for sleep that I’m ready and willing to listen and learn.

After filling in a very comprehensive questionnaire, I had my first consultation with one of the sleep experts, Annie, on Thursday. We chatted on the phone for half an hour, whilst I walked repeatedly around the downstairs of our house with Indy in the sling as he’d woken up as soon as I answered the phone.


In sling prior to phone call...
In sling prior to phone call…

Annie was lovely; very friendly and understanding, and I’m so looking forward to working with her to, as she said, “unpick it all”.

Initially we are working on finding out whether Indy is sleeping so badly because he’s hungry, or because he’s uncomfortable. Annie and I discussed routine, and from Friday I have been implementing a feeding structure to our day which involves 5 day feeds every 3 hours, followed by a dream feed at night. The theory behind this is to cut out “snacking” so he’s hungry and eats everything when he feeds, instead of being semi-full all day. This should mean that he goes to bed at night content, with a full tummy, and therefore sleeps a longer stretch. We’re going to try this for 4 days, and see what happens. (N.B. I am now alternating the feeds between bottle and breast, as my milk supply is starting to suffer from the exhaustion.)

I am slightly concerned that his waking may be down to discomfort. A lot of Indy’s symptoms point towards silent reflux, but I’m really hoping he’s just a hungry chappy with a mummy obsession!

Follow our sleep journey over the next few weeks, while we work with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo!

Will Indy sleep through?!

Will I finally be restored as a semi-functioning human!?!

Or will we be taking out stocks and shares in Yorkshire Tea?!

You’ll just have to wait and see!


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*We are collaborating with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*


  1. 19th September 2015 / 4:09 pm

    Oh bless you, I hope you find a way to be more you and less shattered, sleep deprivation is utterly brutal. Feel free to take this with a pinch of salt but my three have all hated me having dairy while they were just on milk. Symptoms included eczema, spitting up everywhere and the kind of 45 minute sleep patterns you’re describing. Eliminating dairy and soya wasn’t a perfect fix for me but it got Pip sleeping in 2-3 hr segments not 45 minutes.

  2. 19th September 2015 / 4:15 pm

    I really hope you get some respite soon. I was thinking about you the other day actually and wondered if Indy might have silent reflux – both mine do. It’s not all bad news though – if that’s what it is it usually settles down with the proper medication. I’ve still got a baby who feeds all day but he’s not quite 5 weeks yet and I’m hoping it’ll get a bit better as he gets older – and at least he sleeps reasonably well at night (pretty sure that 7 hour stint the other night was a one off though!). I’m looking forward to hearing home you get on. Sending sleepy thoughts your way x

  3. Emma Barrington
    19th September 2015 / 7:55 pm

    Oh gosh! Poor you. This sounds so familiar! Jack has always been a terrible sleeper, I was up feeding him every 2 hours most nights (sometimes more frequently, rarely less) He started to sleep through when he was 15m old (I kid you not, I felt like a new woman!) and now at 18m he wakes at 4am wants to get up! Oh joy!
    I’d never experienced sleep deprivation before this, it really is unbelievably difficult!
    Now that Jack is older people with younger babies ask my advice, more often than not I just shrug my shoulders and shake my head because it’s all such a blur! Isn’t that awful?! I truly was Zombie Mum.
    I wish i got advice and support from professionals, in fact, if my current situation doesnt change I may be asking you for that number 🙂
    Go easy on yourself, Hannah. Stay at home when you’re particularly tired, wear your favourite PJ’s, indulge in your favourite foods, and don’t even shower if you don’t have the energy! It’s about survival! 🙂
    I wish you all the very best with the sleep consultant, ins hope Indy’s pattern improves really soon.
    Lots of love xxx

  4. 19th September 2015 / 8:11 pm

    Non sleepers are so hard. Believe me, I know! Ethan was 10 months old before sleeping through the night. And Felix? Well, he’s nearly 28 months and famously not sleeping through. We’re lucky if he only wakes once or twice. He often doesn’t sleep until gone 8pm, wakes during the night & wakes for the day from 5am onwards… AND he still has milk in the night.. Felix has forced me to remove my judgey pants!

    I wonder if these sleep guys could crack Felix??!!

  5. 19th September 2015 / 8:13 pm

    My friend swears by her sleep consultant and had such wonderful success!! I really look forward to hearing how you get on. We had a sleeper exactly like Indy to start with and didn’t really fix it until she was 6 months… the broken sleep definitely broke me. It’s so positive that you’re getting help at 12 weeks. Wishing you all the best of luck xxx

  6. 20th September 2015 / 10:06 am

    Oh I really feel for you my lovely. It’s exhausting isn’t it and I really hope the sleep consultants can work their magic and your all sleeping much better very quickly. I’m intrigued to see how it all works out, I just took Luca’s bad sleep as him being a baby and there wasn’t much I could do about it but maybe I should have tried a routine like you. I hope it all works out very quickly and your back to feeling yourself soon. Good luck xx

  7. 20th September 2015 / 11:56 am

    Oh gosh Hannah I really really hope it works. My Z was such an awful sleeper till he was about 1 and I was too scared to seek help. So I just went on exhausted week to week and at 9 months I nearly flipped out. I then bought a book and thought it was the answer to my prayers and it wasn’t and I so wish I’d sought out a sleep consultant. Everyone I know that has been to one has seen really good results. I hope it happens for you really soon xx

  8. 21st September 2015 / 12:22 pm

    I’ve been keeping up to date with your IG and FB feeds and seeing how bad the sleep situation is, so I really hope you get some help. Every baby is different and even the ‘experts’ don’t always get it right, but they can definitely give you some light-bulb moments. I think M was about 3 months when I had mine: we realised he did not have “colic” or typical disrupted baby sleep, he had reflux and horribly disrupted baby sleep! What you describe sounds familiar, so if there is any way of getting Indy checked out for reflux (silent or otherwise), I would. If only to eliminate it, and if he does have it there is medication available to regulate it. Just remind yourself there is no need to suffer like this! Hope it gets better soon xxx

  9. 21st September 2015 / 8:57 pm

    You have my sympathies! T has always been a bad sleeper, its only recently that its started to improve and I’m still up anywhere 2-5 times with her most nights. Good luck, I hope they can help and look forward to the updates! xx

  10. 24th September 2015 / 10:52 am

    Oh Hannah darling you poor thing – you must be shattered. I have everything crossed that these consultants can help you and look forward to hearing more (and picking up some tips!) good luck lovely xx

  11. 28th September 2015 / 2:14 am

    Ugh I can relate so much. My one-year-old is a terrible sleeper. He’s better now, so that should give you hope, but it did take a lot of work/effort on my part, and the slightest thing can set us back into terrible sleep regression. At your son’s age, Oliver would basically only sleep on me, sling, or moving stroller/car, so it sounds familiar. Transitioning to longer naps in the crib was really hard, as was the crib at night, but we got there eventually so I really look forward to reading the tips you get in case I get another terrible sleeper and have to go through this again! (And I also know what you mean about the jokes but underlying flatness… I was SO tired I got sort of irrationally angry at everyone who could get normal sleep… it was terrible.)

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