Indy // Bubbaroo Baby Sleep Diary Entry #1

bubbaroo baby sleep diaryAfter our initial consultation with Annie from Infant Sleep Consultants (you can catch up with that post here) I talked Nick through our conversation that evening, and planned to start implementing the new structure the following day.

Day One: Friday 18th September

Indy had five feeds every three hours today. I alternated each feed between breast and bottle, and he hasn’t been as fussy or angry with me as I thought he would be! I’ve also found it easier to implement the three hour structure than I thought I would – I thought that having Busby around too might complicate matters, but actually it took some of the anxiety away because I was so busy with her that I had to pop Indy in the sling and get on with things. We even made it to soft play (with 20 minutes to spare – but nonetheless, we did it!).

He has definitely seemed more content today with a structure and no snacking. I wonder how he’ll sleep tonight… fingers crossed!

Day Two: Saturday 19th September

Indy slept like a DREAM last night!

We had one wake up where he fed on the breast for an hour and a half, but I was actually quite thankful for that as my boobs were completely full of milk after all that sleep! He slept all of the above in his crib too…!

I’ve found implementing the structure more difficult today as it’s the weekend and Nick is home from work; I don’t have the children all to myself and therefore not as many distractions in between feeds. We’ve managed, although have snuck him on the boob a bit earlier than the three hours a couple of times because neither of us have been able to distract him and he hasn’t wanted to sleep in the sling.

He’s seemed in need of comfort today, so I don’t hold out much hope for tonight.

Day Three: Sunday 20th September

Golly, last night was hard… Indy seems to have picked up Busby’s cold, but is only presenting with snuffles at night.

Indy slept until around 3.30am (from 11.45pm) but then wouldn’t go back in the crib after a feed as he was so snuffly and wanted cuddles, so fed on and off for two+ hours. I managed to put him back down around 6am, but he was awake again by 7am. Nick took him downstairs so I could get some sleep.

He’s been very agitated today and in need of comfort, which would usually mean he’s on the boob, but I’ve tried to distract him with the sling and playing in his room… It’s times like this I consider giving him a dummy, as it’s not that he’s hungry – it’s the comfort he gains from sucking, but I really don’t like dummies… Wondering whether I’m making life difficult for myself being so stubborn about it?

Day Four: Monday 21st September

Hurrah a good night with only one wake up (although I did find myself waking up in a panic to check he was ok more than once!)!

We tried something a bit different in the night when he woke up – I put him straight on the boob as usual and then Nick went downstairs and made up a bottle, which he then gave to him and put him back down in the crib. We thought we’d try this so I could get a bit of sleep, and also Indy can smell milk on me which makes it more difficult for me to put him down… 

Indy has been very hungry today – or perhaps he’s trying to get my milk supply up again? He’s seemed quite happy in himself though – very alert.

He’s only had one long nap of 1.5 hours this morning and then about 15-30 minutes after feeding in the afternoon. Nick finally got him to sleep in the sling around 8.30pm. 

Day Five: Tuesday 22nd September

Another difficult night. It seems he likes to lull us into thinking we’ve cracked the sleep one night and then spend the next night up partying! He slept on me between 3.30-5.30am… and by slept I mean fidgeted and searched for my nipple every 10 minutes… 

He was even more snuffly last night though, and I discovered a delightful globdule of dried snot on my t-shirt this morning which would explain why he wanted to snooze on me rather than in the crib. Going to try and raise the crib tonight so it’s at an angle to see whether that helps his blocked nose – used to help Busby whenever she had a cold. Annie suggested this when we spoke as, if he does have silent reflux, this should help his tummy too.

Indy has been pretty fraught all day. There has been lots of crying from both of us, and he only settled down to nap (in the Papoozle) at 3pm this afternoon. He was quite fidgety during his nap, but he slept until gone 5pm.

I’ve given him a bath this evening, as we always seem to have a better night of sleep if he’s had a bath, and I gave him a massage too (oh the life of a pampered babe!) so fingers crossed for tonight.

Day Six: Wednesday 23rd September

Woohoo! A brilliant night! Indy slept for his longest stretch last night of six hours! It’s meant that I’ve been awake since 5am(ish) but hey, that’s what tea and cake are for, yes?!

I didn’t get around to lifting up his crib last night as it’s currently in bedside co-sleep mode attached to our bed, but he seemed a bit better in terms of snuffles.

We’re definitely starting to get used to the three hour daytime feeding routine now. Sometimes he gets hungry before the three hours is up and I have to feed him as he’s a seriously hangry child but, on the whole, waiting between feeds does seem to be working – he’s certainly eating more in one sitting.

He has refused to nap most of today, having about 30-45 minutes in the Papoozle at soft play and then an hour or so in the sling on the way home. He also spent most of the evening awake… watching The Great British Menu and GBBO with us! He really is quite desperate to be awake and learning all the time. Anyone have a sleepy baby who could explain to him how much sleep a three month old is supposed to have?!

He’s been quite fussy on the bottle again today – I really don’t think he wants to give up the boob! I’m going to be breastfeeding him for life aren’t I?!


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*We are collaborating with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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  1. 28th September 2015 / 2:21 am

    I could talk baby sleep all day, I’m obsessed. I think the main thing when making changes is give them time, because it usually gets better eventually as you work at it (although it might take days or even a week or more which can feel like an eternity). I also wake up a bit panicked STILL if I wake up before Oliver, because it so rarely happens, haha. Kind of ruins the joys of a lie in.

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