Indy // Bubbaroo Baby Sleep Diary Entry #5

We’re over the moon to be working with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo on the #BubbarooBabySleepDiary project. You can find all of our previous posts here.

bubbaroo baby sleep diary

Day Twenty-two: Friday 9th October

Another good night with only one wake-up!

Indy is doing so well; the first chunk was a good long sleep last night. I was so worried we’d have an awful night as he was awake for most of the day and finally dropped off at 7pm. We put him down in the crib at 10pm after milk. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a beautiful new sleep routine!

He has loved napping in his pushchair again today – and his beautiful blanket from Bubbaroo kept him super cosy! Autumn has definitely hit Yorkshire!

indy bubbaroo blanket

Day Twenty-three: Saturday 10th October

Once again, another fab night with only one wake-up!

We’re starting to almost feel refreshed…! We’ve had a very busy day today filming in York, so I hope Indy has been suitably exhausted! I know we have!

Day Twenty-four: Sunday 11th October

Oh my!!!! Indy slept through the whole night!! Obviously yesterday was very tiring for him (he barely napped at all!). We were so so thankful that he slept through.

He’s been very miserable today sadly – lots of screaming. His teeth are really bothering him – he’s been biting anything and everything he can put in his mouth…  

Our sleep consultant, Annie, checked in today via email; she’s been on a course over the weekend about silent reflux and cow’s milk allergy, and she really thinks Indy may be suffering from both, so we’re going to try and visit the doctor tomorrow.

Day Twenty-five: Monday 12th October

Indy didn’t sleep through sadly, but it wasn’t the worst night we’ve ever had!

We ended up at the doctors today to talk about Indy possibly suffering from silent reflux. The doctor was awful and didn’t listen to a word either of us said, so we’ve been palmed off with gaviscon and told to come back if that doesn’t work… Thank goodness we have the osteopath booked for Friday!

Day Twenty-six: Tuesday 13th October

Woohoo! Another night of only one wake-up! I feel like we’re getting there with his sleep.

I’m starting to feel the benefits of longer periods of sleep too.

Indy has been a bit more happy today – so I don’t know whether the gaviscon might be having an effect on him. He’s had a fair few short naps during the day today too, and hasn’t been too bothered by his tummy. I’m counting down the days until we visit the osteopath!


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*We are collaborating with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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