Indy // Bubbaroo Baby Sleep Diary Entry #6

We’ve been so lucky to work with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo on the #BubbarooBabySleepDiary project over the past month. You can find all of our previous posts here.

bubbaroo baby sleep diary

Day Twenty-seven: Wednesday 14th October

Not a great night, but not the worst either! Worked out quite well, however, as I had to drop Busby off at Nursery this morning, so at least I was awake caffeinated!

Indy slept well during the day today – I think he was fairly tired after the night. He did some lovely posing for our Bubbaroo Joey Swag sleeping bag review. bubbaroo joey swag review

Day Twenty-eight: Thursday 15th October

Hurrah! A fab night!!! A nice long stretch… For some reason, the more sleep we get, the more exhausted I feel!

Indy and I had a really chilled day around the house today. He only slept a total of 1.5 hours all day until he conked out at 7.30pm!

Day Twenty-nine: Friday 16th October

An absolutely fantastic night!

What a star!

We had our initial consultation with the Osteopath today. It was so odd as he didn’t seem to do anything but walk around the room with Indy, feeling his head, but Indy seemed very relaxed! Indy is a very tense baby and the Osteopath thinks this is due to my very fast labour, and compression of the neck against his skull on his quick exit out. He thinks that Indy suffers from headaches, which is why he squishes his head up against the sides of the cot, and likes the pressure of the sling against his head; he’s trying to relieve the pressure. He agrees that it’s more than likely he has an intolerance to lactose sugar or cow’s milk protein too – so we need to visit the doctor again, although will be requesting a different doctor. We have to see the Osteopath every week for the next 3-4 weeks, but he is confident that we will have a different baby by the end! I’ve also been given exercises to try at home in the bath with him.

Indy has had a temperature this evening, so I’m not envisaging a good night…

Day Thirty: Saturday 17th October

Dreadful night. Indy was up a lot with his temperature…

We ended up with Calpol all over his lovely Bubbaroo Joey Swag bag *sob* I really hope the pink comes out!

Apparently the cranial osteopathy treatment can exasperate teething symptoms and unleash any illnesses that might be underlying! Joy! He’s teething for England!

Indy has been quite lovely today – he’s been happily playing on his back for periods of time, which is very unlike him! We’re sleeping over at the in-laws tonight, so he’ll be in a travel cot… I don’t think we’ll be sleeping much tonight!

Day Thirty-one: Sunday 18th October

HE SLEPT! Albeit, not all night, but he actually slept in the travel cot!

He rolled himself over a few times in the night and, as he won’t sleep on his back, I had to roll him back over, but he woke up at about 7.45am on his back and chatted to the curtains rather merrily. We were in the car a fair amount today as I was at an event in Manchester, and he was (on the whole) fine! This is for a baby who HATES the car.

Day Thirty-two: Monday 19th October

Not the best night…

I think he would have slept for longer than 2am if Busby hadn’t woken up.

I fell asleep feeding him and we both woke up at 5am as he searched for my breast again. He finally went back to sleep in his crib about 6am until 8am.

He’s currently asleep in the sling as I type this, and I’m hoping he’ll have another happy day today!

*   *   *

Our time with Bubbaroo and the Infant Sleep Consultants is sadly coming to an end shortly. I’ll be writing a final summary post in the next few days, with some top tips from Annie our sleep consultant. I’ll also be featuring the gorgeous, cosy Bubbaroo Blankie blanket we were sent for Indy in a review post!


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*We are collaborating with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*


  1. 20th October 2015 / 4:30 am

    Dear Hannah

    It has been great hearing all about Indy’s sleep journey. We’re very interested to see how it turns out. We’ll continue to check in with your Blog and social media pages.

    My Mr J had severe reflux and failed to thrive, we also saw an osteopath and chiro but in the end due to his weight dipping very low we had to medicate with Losec. The medication took weeks to have an effect due to the damage that hadoccurred over the 8 or so weeks prior.

    One issue that I’ve found with reflux babies and is especially apparent when they’re teething and if they don’t like travelling in the car is middle ear issues. Both my kids had to have grommets – tiny plastic tubes inserted into your child’s ear drum in a short operation.

    When we realised that reflux babies commonly have middle ear issues at around 8 months Mr J had a tympanometry test which measures the ear’s response to both sound and pressure. Mr J’s tympanograms for both ears were flat indicating abnormal middle ear function. His ear was red and inflammed. We were sent home with antibiotics and when the antibiotics didn’t help returning after 3 weeks with flat tympanograms, we were booked in with an ENT specialist for grommet insertion because his middle ear issues were more than likely from birth and can affect their hearing and language development. Mr J had grommets at 9 months, the ENT sought me out after the operation to tell me that his glue ear was significant and definitely needed to be performed. Mr J at 11 still suffers from auditory processing issues because a lot of the neural pathways from the ear to the brain develop in infancy.

    With Miss E we were on to the middle ear issues and she was on and off antibiotics from birth for ear infections. At 7 months she had grommets inserted and has no auditory processing issues. Miss E had silent reflux.

    All of my sister’s 4 kids also had reflux and middle ear issues, so there is a high probability there is something genetic going on!

    Kind Regards

    • Hannah
      20th October 2015 / 9:49 am

      Hi Nicole

      Ooh that’s really interesting as I had grommets as a child. He had his hearing test as a newborn, and all seemed fine then, but will have a chat to doctor about it.

      Thanks so much 🙂 xx

      • 27th October 2015 / 11:19 pm

        Hi Hannah

        My kids also had hearing tests as newborns which were fine.

        I really hope you can resolve whatever is causing Indy discomfort.


  2. 20th October 2015 / 7:23 am

    Really interesting about the cranial osteopathy! Parker is a rather unsettled baby, especially compared to his sister who was a VERY slow labour! I wonder if he would benefit too xx

    • Hannah
      20th October 2015 / 9:50 am

      It’s definitely worth trying – if just the initial consultation 🙂 xx

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