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snuzpod reviewAs regular readers will know, I was utterly determined to breastfeed our second child. So when I fell pregnant with Indy, I researched ways to help me successfully establish breastfeeding. One thing that kept popping up was co-sleeping with a bedside crib, so I was over the moon when the lovely folk at Snüz offered us a Snüzpod to review.

I didn’t factor in that Indy might have a different view on what he wanted to do, so in actual fact he’s only been snoozing in the Snüzpod for 5-6 weeks now, as sleeping on Mummy seemed to be his preference. However, now he is sleeping in the crib he loves it, and Nick and I are enjoying having our bed back!

snuzpod review

The Snüzpod can be used in three different ways:

  1. Bedside crib: The Snüzpod is height-adjustable and clips onto the bed for safe co-sleeping. The crib comes with two different kinds of clip, so can be used on divans as well as on a regular frame. The see-through mesh side of the crib zips down for easy access in the night, so baby can be placed back in the crib following a feed in the night with minimal disruption and then zipped back up again to keep baby away from duvets and other loose bedding.
  2. Standalone crib: Like the bedside crib function, just not clipped on and with the mesh window side up with the metal bar inserted. Can be used to rock baby to sleep as one would with a moses basket on stand.
  3. Moses basket/bassinet: Can be used during the day for naps by lifting off the bassinet and placing it wherever you are in the house.

Unfortunately, we have only been able to use the Snüzpod as a bedside/standalone crib, due to the fact that Indy is a very clingy baby so he won’t nap anywhere else but in the sling during the day! But it is an absolutely fantastic design and I desperately wish we could use the cribs third feature…!

The Snüzpod comes in four different colours:

  • Natural
  • Eco-White
  • Dove grey
  • Expresso

We were sent the Snüzpod in eco-white, which matches our bed perfectly.

I’ve loved having Indy so close to me in bed. It’s been fantastic during the night as, because he’s so close, his hungry snuffles and grunts wake me up, which means he doesn’t get anywhere near a full belt cry which may wake up the whole house. Nick has had far more sleep this time round than he did when Busby was a baby in her moses basket at the end of the bed.

snuzpod review

I’ve also loved that I haven’t had to get out of bed every time he’s woken up in the night – this isn’t such an issue in summer, but now autumn is closing in it’s getting chilly at 3am, and I can remain cosy while I get him out and feed.snuzpod review

Indy likes to squish his face right up to the side of the crib, so I’ve been ever-so thankful for the mesh window side which is totally breathable. It’s also rather lovely to see him snoozing, without having to look over the side of the crib.

The storage shelf, underneath the Snüzpod, has been a super useful feature for keeping some of Indy’s things in our room; we’ve had everything from shaky toys to nappies stored there.

snuzpod review

The Snüzpod is supposed to sleep a baby up to 6 months, but with Indy being such a long baby, and growing very quickly, I don’t know whether he will still be able to fit in it at 6 months (he’s now 17 weeks old and fills just over half the crib).

We were also sent the Little Green Sheep mattress and bedding to accompany the Snüzpod. The mattress is made from comfy layers of lambswool that provide marvellous support whilst sleeping. The use of lambswool is thermoregulating to keep your baby cool during summer and cosy during winter. The mattress is also dust mite proof and breathable, making it incredibly natural and the ideal surface for your baby. The accompanying Snüzpod mattress costs £50.95.

The Little Green Sheep bedding is absolutely gorgeous. The fitted sheet is made from organic jersey cotton, which means no nasties, and washes so well. It can also be tumble-dried, which is a bonus! The matching sheets cost £12.95 each.

As well as the bedding, we were also sent a jersey cotton baby blanket, which we used as Indy’s receiving blanket when he arrived on the planet! It was absolutely perfect for this purpose, as it is made of organic jersey knit cotton, which is wonderful for temperature control. The Little Green Sheep Organic Jersey Cotton blanket costs £19.95.


I was sat in Costa (child-free) while I was typing this review up, surrounded by mamas and babies (with my boobs aching after a 6 week old was crying for milk)! The mama on the table opposite mine was talking about her Snüzpod and how much she loved hers, and I have to agree. It really is a fantastic product and has been so much more convenient than the moses basket we had with Busby for so many reasons.

snuzpod review

I would whole-heartedly recommend the Snüzpod as an essential baby product for parents looking for crib; it’s a product that gives you so many options and allows you to change your mind if you decide that you do/don’t want to co-sleep. I’ve also heard from numerous friends that it has been fantastically useful post-c-section for ease.

The Snüzpod costs £169 and is available to buy on the Snüz website.


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*I received the above products for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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  1. 21st October 2015 / 10:45 am

    We absolutely adore our Snuzpod, it has been the best bit of baby kit by far. I love the fact I can pick Eliza up and feed her without getting out of bed, and the mesh side is perfect for watching them snooze, like you say. I think we will definitely get 6 months use from ours, Eliza is so small 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. 23rd October 2015 / 1:26 am

    I really wish I’d had one of these with my first. I’ve been debating a bedside crib for my second due in a few months, this one looks brilliant x

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