Indy // Bubbaroo Baby Sleep Diary Entry – The Final Post

bubbaroo baby sleep diary

We’ve been so lucky to work with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo on the #BubbarooBabySleepDiary project over the past month. You can find all of our previous posts here.

Sadly our time has now come to an end, but it has been quite the adventure!

Indy’s sleep has improved vastly – we’ve gone from spending most of the night awake, to averaging 1-2 wake-ups a night. The past week or so has been pretty horrific again, but he’s been teething badly!

After weeks of assuming Indy was just a bad sleeper, Annie (our sleep consultant) identified that he was suffering from silent reflux and a possible Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy (CMPA)/ lactose intolerance. Since then we have been working to sort this out; we’ve been seeing an Osteopath for three weeks now for cranial osteopathy treatment, and we’ve finally (after battling with the GP for weeks) been prescribed some special milk to see whether this helps Indy feel better.

Indy has been on the milk (Aptamil Pepti 1) for two days now. It’s hard to say whether it’s made a huge difference so far, but fingers crossed. According to fellow Mamas with babies suffering from similar ailments, it can take a week for the milk to start working.

The next challenge will be putting him down in the evenings in his crib, rather than the sling. He’s now slept in a travel cot a couple of times when we’ve stayed overnight with Nick’s parents, and he seems to really like the space, so I’m wondering whether moving him into his room and his cot will be the next step…!

bubbaroo joey swag review

Indy is continuing to wear his gorgeous Bubbaroo Joey Swag sleeping bag and use his beautiful blanket. You must check out the Bubbaroo website as it’s packed full of wonderful things for your little person!

Thank you so much to Nicole from Bubbaroo and Annie from The Infant Sleep Consultants for all their help over the past month. Without you I imagine we would still be stuck in the land of the ‘extreme and chronic sleep deprived’, rather than the ‘mostly sleep deprived, but tea helps’.


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*We are collaborating with the Infant Sleep Consultants and Bubbaroo. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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  1. 1st November 2015 / 8:11 pm

    I’m so glad you’ve seen an improvement, and how lucky they’ve helped you find some of the things that may have been causing the problems! I hope the milk works it magic soon xx

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