Indy // 6 months

indy at 6 months

My baby bear is six months old?!

The most notable achievement from this month is that Indy can now sit up unsupported! He’s been trying to sit for ages, as he hates lying down so much due to his reflux, but now there’s no stopping him. It’s made life a lot easier, as I can plonk him down on the floor with some toys while I get on with life admin. Busby is also finding Indy a lot more interesting now he can sit up – and has been keen to “keep an eye on him” while I nip upstairs or grab something from another room.

indy at 6 months

We’ve been continuing with food this month, and Indy is absolutely loving the weaning journey! We’ve done a little bit of baby-led weaning, and although he wasn’t so sure about the texture of carrot sticks, he seemed to quite enjoy the taste! He’ll be joining us for Christmas dinner on Friday, with his own little portion. (I’m sharing his weaning adventures over on the Baby Centre blog if you fancy a gander!)

We saw the dietician this month, who gave us information on alternatives to cow’s milk, and talked me through the milk ladder… I have everything crossed that we’ll be able to start introducing cow’s milk soon.


The dietician also weighed Indy, and he came in at a lovely 16lb 6oz, which is a gain of almost 2lb in a month. He really is enjoying his food, and is definitely starting to chunk up, as his thighs got stuck in the Bumbo seat last week! Nom!

Indy has begun to get himself into a crawling position over the past couple of days, so I don’t think he’ll be sitting still for long… He’s very eager to start following us around – especially Busby – who he adores.

Our mini bear is still not a fantastic sleeper, with at least one wake-up per night. He’s going through a phase where he will only sleep on me during the night, which is very sweet, but he fidgets a lot and I don’t sleep well if he’s in bed with us… Today also sees six months for me without a full night of sleep!

indy at 6 months

Indy almost has his first tooth; it’s there, about to break free, so I’m curious to see whether it appears today, as Busby’s first tooth broke through on her six month lunar-versary!

5-8 weeks

weeks 9-12

indy 12


indy at 6

My baby is beginning to transform into a little boy… *sob*


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  1. 5th January 2016 / 12:59 pm

    Aah, lovely update, your little man is growing up. He’s such a happy chappie in your photos and the stuck in the Bumbo situation made me smile.
    Hope his reflux does continue to improve and thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. 5th January 2016 / 7:39 pm

    Love all the photos of him, it really shows how much he is growing :0( Sorry to hear you still aren’t getting a full nights sleep, hopefully that will come soon. Glad the weaning is going well x

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