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I’m very excited to announce that we’re going to be working with the fantastic We Made Me over the next few months, reviewing a number of different slings and carriers.

I’ve really taken to baby-wearing this time round; both out of necessity and want. Indy loves to be in the sling, and with an attention-demanding toddler around too, it’s the only way I can ever get anything done during the day!

We Made Me have asked me to interview Indy, as a means to introduce him to the brand, and to my lovely readers. So without further ado…

we made indy

What is your name? “Indy” Although that’s not my real name, of course! It’s just a blog alias. My Mummy has quite a few people comment on the unusual names she’s chosen for her children – not realising that they’re actually pseudonyms…

Where does your blog alias come from? Indiana Jones. My real name is the same as Indiana’s real name. My Mummy also calls me H-Bear a lot… She thought she was giving birth to a bear during the labour as I had so much hair!

Where were you born? At home, in a pool, in our family room. I arrived pretty quickly too – Mummy was only in established labour for two hours.

Who is your favourite person? Mummy. I’m also pretty fond of Daddy too – mostly because I like pulling his beard. The Whirlwind (Busby) is fascinating to watch as well… I like it when she jumps on the bed – it makes me laugh.

Where is your favourite place to sleep? On Mummy. I’m not a big fan of the crib, so if I can get into bed with Mummy and Daddy then I’m more than happy to sleep through the night. I also love sleeping in the sling on Mummy during the day.

indy sleep

Do you have a favourite toy? I like Busby’s flashing ball that Granny Helen bought her… My Robot toy is a bit of a favourite too – mostly because I like chewing on the teething rings.

What do you dislike? Being cold. The car seat. Being hungry. I get hangry pretty quickly.

What would be your dream day? Lots of food and lots of Mummy cuddles! I used to enjoy days where I had Mummy all to myself, but I’m starting to enjoy having Busby around too; now she’s realised I’m actually quite interesting.

What is your favourite food? Ella’s Kitchen Bananas, apricots and baby rice is a favourite. I can’t wait to get started on meat though… Mummy keeps joking that my canines are going to be the first teeth to come through, and it’s looking that way!

indy food

What is your favourite mode of transport? Always a sling over the pushchair or car seat! I’m not a big fan of the car…

Find out how we got on with the first sling/carrier we’re trying from the We Made Me collection (the fantastic Pao Papoose) in the coming weeks!

Pao Papoose
A sneaky peek! Indy LOVES riding front facing.


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*We are collaborating with We Made Me over the next few months. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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