Indy // 7 months

indy at 7 monthsMy baby bear is seven months old! Seven months old?!

This month has been developmentally amazing, with Indy now trying to pull himself up on anything and everything! Eek! He’s been trying to crawl too, but mostly slides himself backwards… It’s looking possible that he might just give up on the crawling and go straight to walking instead – so fun times ahead!


Indy absolutely loves his food; he cannot get enough of it! Blueberries are his ultimate food, and I’m certain he’d try and consume an entire punnet given half the chance. He’s also a big fan of sausages, banana, toast, eggy bread and salmon. The only food he hasn’t been so keen on is avocado, which I don’t mind because it means I get to munch it instead!

We’re now doing a mixture of finger feeding and spoon feeding, which seems to be working out well; he loves the independence of finger food, and his pincer grip is improving by the day, but at the same time, if he’s super hangry, he loves nothing more than me helping him with a spoon!


We’ve discovered over the past month that he’s also allergic to soya (as well as suffering from CMPA), which makes meal times fairly difficult. Nick has been baking soya-free loaves of bread for Indy, and he’s on dairy and soya-free butter and oat milk!

Indy is definitely becoming more vocal – and at times I find it hard to distinguish between Busby and him, as they make very similar sounds! He’s grasped “daa” and “gaa” this month, and we had one “maa” yesterday, so his language is on the way.


Unfortunately, he’s still not sleeping through the night… and he’s still not in his own room for the whole night… He will go down in his cot in the evening now though – which is an improvement from Nick having him strapped to his chest until bedtime! Indy generally sleeps from 7-11pm in his own room (with a few wake-ups) and then has a dream feed, and snoozes either in his crib or on me for the rest of the night. We’ve had a couple of 6 hour stretches over the past two weeks, so things are improving, albeit gradually!

Busby and Indy have started sharing baths this month, which is so so lovely to watch, and makes life a bit easier in the evenings as he was getting rather too big for the baby bath.


5-8 weeks

weeks 9-12

indy 12


indy at 6

indy weeks

I can’t believe how quickly time is flying!

Oh, and we’re still waiting on the teeth!


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  1. 23rd January 2016 / 8:18 pm

    He is just too cute! That’s a shame for him about the soya allergy but at least there’s lots of foods he does like and can eat. I’m actually really excited to start weaning with Gabe next month. We did a combination of finger foods and spoon feeding with Toby so I think we’ll probably go down the same route again.

  2. 24th January 2016 / 2:57 pm

    Such a clever boy pulling himself up already! I love those leggings he’s wearing in that picture too, so cute xx

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