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pao papoose review

I’ve written previously about how we are now daily baby wearers at Make, Do and Push! HQ; with Indy/H-Bear being a reflux, super-glue baby (he’s been promoted from velcro to super-glue), wearing him has become a necessity to be able to get on with life with a baby and a three year old in tow!

We were sent the fantastic Pao Papoose Baby Carrier from We Made Me back in November. I was staying with my Mum in Sussex at the time for two weeks – just me and the children – and needed a carrier that I could use for all of our exciting adventures.

pao papoose review

The Pao was the perfect choice for our visit, because H-Bear could switch between forward and parent-facing very easily, so he never missed out on the action!

The Pao Papoose can be used from 4 months old (5.5kg) until around three years old (15kg). It’s a super-soft thing of beauty, coming in three different colourways: Midnight Black, Pebble and Lavender. I opted for the Midnight Black carrier, as I thought it would be the most practical colour for us as a family.

The Pao has three different carrying positions:

  • parent-facing, which is ideal for snoozing and/or smaller babies.
  • forward-facing, which is ideal for little explorers who love to see the world.
  • back carrying, from six months, which is perfect for older children, pregnant Mamas who still love to baby-wear the other babies, or for little ones who want some independence.

pao papoose reviewH-Bear absolutely loves the forward-facing position, which is perfectly safe for little hips as the carrier forms a mini seat for your explorer, so legs aren’t hanging down as they do in other forward-facing carriers. It’s the position I always start him off in (unless he’s in need of a nap), as he loves being able to see the world and – more often than not – being able to watch Busby run and jump ahead.

It’s very simple to switch him into parent-facing position when he needs a nap, and the Pao Papoose comes with a handy hood too, for creating a lovely sleeping environment.

pao papoose review

We are yet to use the back-carrying position, as have found the other two positions so wonderful that there hasn’t been a need for it yet, but I’m sure we’ll start back-wearing when the weather gets a bit warmer and we don’t both have copious amounts of coats and jumpers on!

pao papoose review

The Pao Papoose is very easy to use, and very easy to adjust. I haven’t had to look up “how to fit” instructions online since reading the fitting guidelines originally, but – rather handily – if you do have any issues while you’re out exploring, there’s a set of instructions hidden inside the carrier in a little pouch! A fantastic idea for highly sleep deprived parents!

We transitioned into the Pao Papoose when H-Bear was 5 months old, and prior to that we had been using a wrap carrier. The Pao took a little bit of adjusting to as it is more slimline than some of the other carriers on the market. He has always felt safe and wonderfully supported, however, and this wouldn’t discourage me from using the carrier at all – it was just different to what we were used to.

The Pao Papoose is a fantastic baby carrier, and one that has now become an essential part of our family; it’s my go-to carrier for all of our outside adventures, and it folds up small enough to pop into the basket of the pushchair or the changing bag too.

Most importantly, it’s very comfortable for both of us, and gets a snoozing thumbs up!

pao papoose review

The Pao Papoose costs £89.99 and can be purchased on the We Made Me website.


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*We were sent the above product for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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  1. 26th January 2016 / 8:51 pm

    It looks like a fab carrier – I do like buckles, they’re so easy to get on quickly. H-Bear looks very comfy too – I’ve not tried Gabe front facing yet but I bet he’d like it, he loves watching what’s going on.

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