Motherhood // Nutrition, Protein + time going by far too quickly

Motherhood // Nutrition, Protein + Time going by far too quickly

I can’t believe we’re already seven months into H-Bear’s life. I’m not quite sure how life can fly by so fast, especially when I still haven’t had a full night of sleep in that period of time… But, nonetheless, fly it has and it continues to whizz by!

We’ll be celebrating his first birthday before we know it.

I remember feeling like it took forever to get to seven months when Busby was a baby. I was always willing on the next milestone; hoping she’d crawl tomorrow, encouraging her to cruise along the sofa, holding her hand during her first walk.

This time round, the only willing I’m doing is willing H-Bear to sleep!

SMA Nutrition is looking to educate pregnant ladies and Mamas about the importance of the first 1,000 days of their baby’s life (day of conception to second birthday). The correct nutrition during the first 1000 days of your child’s life has a profound impact on development, growth, and has been said to influence health later in life. They’ve also got the Mail on Sunday health columnist and medic, Dr Ellie Cannon, on-board with the campaign to help parents better understand protein and nutrition during this important age – more about that later!

Regular readers may remember how determined I was to breastfeed Baby #2 after breastfeeding didn’t work out for Busby and I was so SO proud that I breastfed H-Bear until he was over four months old! Sadly, I had to stop because he could no longer tolerate my milk, but I had really grown to love feeding him.

There are a lot of exciting, amazing things I learnt when breastfeeding; the magic of using a few drops to help clear up his conjunctivitis, the all-consuming bond that formed, the swell of pride I felt when I was using my body to continue to grow him outside of the womb. But, what I didn’t know about breastfeeding, and one of the reasons why it’s hailed as “the best” by the World Health Organisation, is because it has been proven to support an appropriate rate of growth in babies. The protein level in breast milk changes as your baby grows; it contains the correct quality and quantity of protein to assist in a steady growth rate, and therefore sets a solid foundation for your mini munchkin.

I constantly worry about both my children, but H-Bear especially… Motherhood guilt at its finest! Despite being a big-ish baby when he initially entered the world (8lb 7oz), his CMPA, soya allergy and reflux have meant that he hasn’t put on weight as swiftly as he should have done. He’s my bundle of chub when it’s just us, but I always think he looks quite teeny next to other babies. It’s only since we’ve started weaning that he’s really beginning to chunk out properly.

It’s such a relief to us that he absolutely loves his food, with blueberries being his favourite! His CMPA and soya allergy means that I have to make most of his food from scratch (Nick even bakes him his own dairy-free, soya-free bread), which makes me very conscious about what I’m putting in his food, and means I’m always thinking about creating the right balance of nutrients for him. We’re also consulting a dietician, to ensure he’s getting enough of the good stuff to keep him blossoming into a beautiful little boy.

So over to you! Do you have any questions you’re desperate to ask Dr Ellie Cannon about the first 1000 days of your little person’s life? Comment below and the best questions will be answered in a follow up post in the coming weeks. You can also click here to watch a video to find out more.


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*This post is in collaboration with SMA Nutrition.*

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