Review // Kinetik Non-contact Thermometer

kinetik non-contact thermometer reviewOur household might as well have a red cross painted on the door because, for the past few months, the children seem to have caught everything going. Good old Nursery and soft play germs!?! I await spring with baited breath, and high expectations of slightly healthier times…

Wishful thinking?!

Anyway, I digress, a few weeks ago we were sent a Kinetik Non-contact Thermometer to try out, which arrived with fantastic timing as we all went down with some fun family virus that week, so we’ve definitely been putting the thermometer through its paces, and I’ve been very impressed with this nifty little gadget.

kinetik non-contact thermometer review

So how does it work? Well, firstly you can choose to have the temperature displayed in Celcius or Fahrenheit, and the thermometer has three temperature gaging modes:

  1. Room temperature
  2. Body temperature
  3. Surface temperature

Room temperature is the standby mode for the thermometer, and has been rather handy for working out clothing layers for H-Bear at night, and well as my general curiosity about how warm the house is!

Checking body temperature is super easy – remove the cap, change the mode by pressing the “on” button, hold up to forehead and press “scan”. The thermometer uses infra-red technology which means it’s hygenic, and very useful for sleeping children as it’s non-intrusive. It also gives you a reading within 1 second, which means you’re not constantly asking your child to keep still, as experienced with contact-thermometers.

If your child has a fever, then the thermometer makes a sound to let you know.

kinetik non-contact thermometer review

Not only does it give you an accurate reading, it can also hold up to 25 readings, so you can keep a measure on how your patient is doing! Very handy for those times you need to report back to the doctor.

The Kinetik Non-contact Thermometer is a small gadget, so unobtrusively sits on your shelf, and can be popped in your changing bag if needs be. It also seems pretty durable, having been dropped on the floor and dribbled all over by a curious H-Bear.

I’ve been so impressed with the Kinetik Non-contact Thermometer, and for £19.99, it’s completely affordable. A thermometer is definitely an essential product for all parents, and I can’t recommend this nifty little gadget enough!

Find out where to buy the Kinetik Non-contact Thermometer on the Kinetik website.


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*I received the above item for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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