Review // LeapPad Platinum Tablet

Busby and I received a very exciting email at the beginning of the year, inviting us to join the LeapFrog Blogger Panel for 2016. She was over the moon when I told her, and even more excited when the LeapPad Platinum Tablet arrived a few weeks later! She has been putting it through its paces ever since!

Review // LeapPad Platinum Tablet

As we currently reside in Yorkshire, but the majority of our friends and family are near Brighton, we travel down to Sussex quite frequently. Busby is now past the age where she’ll nap for large parts of the journey, and likes to be entertained. I thought the LeapPad Platinum Tablet would be the ideal device for keeping her busy for some of the 6 hour journey (you know the part of the journey where the snacks have run out, you’ve sung Wheels on the Bus 30 times already, and Mama just wants to sit in peace for a little while and scroll through her Instagram feed…?!). I also thought it would be a good educational tool – especially for teaching her basic maths, as she is very interested in learning how to add at the moment – and a useful tool for helping her to listen to instructions; Busby is quite the daydreamer, and doesn’t tend to listen before diving headfirst into a task, so I thought the LeapPad might help!!

Review  LeapPad Platinum Tablet 4

The LeapPad Platinum Tablet is a 7″ multi-touch screen device for ages 3-9 years old. The large 7-inch hi-res touchscreen delivers super sharp graphics. It can be connected to the wi-fi, which makes downloading apps for the device super easy, and it even has a protected web-browser for safe surfing. It’s a very sturdy gadget, which is useful as it’s been dropped on the floor a few times now!

Busby has had a great time playing with the LeapPad Platinum Tablet so far. Her favourite game is the Pet Pad Party app, where you adopt a pet, name it and take care of it. This keeps her busy for ages, and we’ve enjoyed watching her come up with very interesting names for her pets.

Review // LeapPad Platinum Tablet

What I like about this game, is that it’s very interactive. Not only do you have to use the stylus for playing, but the LeapPad encourages the player to shake the device, and also blow into the little hole at the base to dry your pet!

What I really like about the LeapPad Platinum is that it has time controls, so you can limit how much time your little person spends on the tablet. This is ideal for a little lady who would happily sit on it all day if we let her!

Review // LeapPad Platinum TabletThe Parent Lock feature is also pretty handy, and means that little hands can’t buy new apps/games or change the wi-fi settings without your permission.

Talking of apps, they come in a variety of different price categories from around £2-£25. There is a great choice – you can even download an Octonauts app.

We were asked to download LeapSchool: In the Kitchen with Hap, which is a cooking-themed app (£7.50). You have to help Hap, who is about to launch her new cookbook and needs to cook for all of her guests.

Review // LeapPad Platinum Tablet

The game revolves around maths – weighing out the correct amount of ingredients, cutting the fruit and salad into the correct number of pieces etc

Review // LeapPad Platinum Tablet

It’s quite basic, and I’m surprised it’s for ages 4-7 years, as Busby grasped it very quickly and she’s not 4 yet. It’s a fun way to learn basic maths skills however, and she’s enjoyed playing it.

Nick and I both agree that the LeapPad Platinum is a bit too American at times… There seems to be a fair amount of well-meaning, but fairly irritating, “fun facts” during games about how vegetables are good for you… which could be misconstrued as rather patronising.

Review  LeapPad Platinum Tablet

We’re looking forward to exploring our LeapPad Platinum Tablet even further over the coming months – and it will be going on a maiden voyage to Sussex soon too!

The LeapPad Platinum Tablet costs £99.99 and is available to buy from the LeapFrog store.


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*I received the above item for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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