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qa resultsA few weeks ago, I wrote this post about the importance of the first 1000 days of a child’s life; SMA Nutrition is looking to educate pregnant ladies and Mamas about the importance of the first 1,000 days of their baby’s life (day of conception to second birthday). The correct nutrition during the first 1000 days of your child’s life has a profound impact on development, growth, and has been said to influence health later in life. One of the most important nutrients needed during these first 1,000 days is protein, which is a key component of breast milk and as you baby grows the level of protein decreases, helping them grow at a steady rate.

Dr Ellie Cannon has been busy answering questions from other bloggers taking part in the campaign and their readers. Take a look at some of their questions with Ellie’s advice below:

At what point does the protein levels in breast milk decreases? Is that before or after the 6 months’ mark when babies start weaning and getting extra nutrients from food? And does it decrease to insufficient levels to cover the baby’s requirements?

Breast milk is dynamic – in the beginning it contains lots of high quality protein because your baby needs to grow very fast and, later on, as the baby’s needs change, the amount of protein in breast milk decreases. The protein content of breast milk decreases from the first week and every week thereafter until it starts to level out at around 3 months. Breast milk gives your baby exactly what they need for their healthy growth and development, and provided the mum is well nourished, will cover the baby’s requirements. Ensuring your baby gets the correct quality and quantity of protein can help them to grow at an appropriate rate, which could contribute to a lower risk of becoming overweight or obese in later life.

I am 5 months pregnant and would love some must have information of how to make sure my baby gets the best start in life. From the moment of conception, your baby starts growing fast.

At this first stage of your 1,000-day journey, make sure your pregnancy diet provides the energy and nutrients you need, by eating a variety of different foods every day, including plenty of protein, dairy products, oily fish, fruit and vegetables. This all helps your baby to get the best start. For the first 6 months of your baby’s life, breast milk is the only food they need. The nutrients and protein in milk your baby drinks are the foundation for their cells, muscles, bones and brain as they develop and grow. At around 6 months you’ll start introducing complementary foods to provide additional nutrients. At this stage, your little one needs the right amount of protein and nutrients to maintain a steady growth and good health.

I am starting to wean my baby have you any tips of great foods that I should be introducing as to give my daughter the right amount of nutrition?

For your first feed, pick a time when your baby isn’t too tired. Wash your hands and make sure all your bowls, spoons and chopping boards are clean. It may take a while for your baby to get used to taking food from a spoon, so be patient. These little tips may help you: Give them a little of their usual milk first to take the edge off their hunger, and make them more relaxed Babies like sweet tastes, so good first foods include pureed fruit and naturally sweet vegetables such as pureed carrot, apple and pear. If the puree is too thick, add a little of your baby’s usual milk or some cooled boiled water. Serve food lukewarm or at room temperature. For more guidance, SMA® Nutrition have created a handy 3 step weaning guide to help you along the way.

For more information on protein and the first 1000 days please visit

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*This post is in collaboration with SMA Nutrition.*

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