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#GIVINGCLOTHAGO TOTSBOTSLast month the lovely folk at TotsBots asked us to take part in their #GivingClothAGo challenge.

We had a brief stint with cloth when Busby was just over a year old and contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD); she developed an awful nappy rash with HFMD and her sensitive skin couldn’t cope with the chemicals in disposable nappies. I absolutely loved using the cloth nappies, but we never had enough to sustain using them full-time, so when the rash went we fell back into using disposables.

I was so excited to restart our cloth adventure with H-Bear, and had high hopes for changing our nappy habits. We’ve been talking about switching him to cloth for a few months now, so this challenge was definitely for us!


We were sent a gorgeous package full of everything we needed to start our challenge – I was in awe of all the beautiful, vibrant prints, and couldn’t wait to get started! I was most looking forward to seeing whether any of the nappies would last through the night, as I know this is one thing we struggled with during our brief cloth stint with Busby.

Where do I begin with cloth nappies?

All of the nappies had to be washed (at least once) before we could use them. They looked so colourful on the line in the sunshine.


I took to using cloth quickly; it’s such a smooth transition from disposables!

How does it work?

  1. Lay your baby down on the mat! H-Bear and I both love the TotsBots Happy Mat, which has revolutionised our nappy changes as H hates the cold of the changing mat, so the plushness on his bottom has been a joy! Plus it folds up and can be popped in the changing bag.
  2.  Adjust the poppers as required for your baby.
  3.  Lay the liner in the nappy. TotsBots have the choice of disposable, flushable paper liners or fleece.
  4. Fasten with the velcro at the top of the nappy.
  5. Check that there are no bits of liner poking through the nappy as this can cause leaks.


But aren’t nappy changes yucky?!

Not really. Cloth nappies work in the same way as a disposable does with a wet nappy – you just have a little bit of fiddling to do before popping them in the nappy bin (folding back the velcro laundry tabs before washing and unfolding the absorbent pad). Dirty nappies involve a bit more fiddling, especially if it’s a messy one – this is where the TotsBots disposable, flushable liners come in, as you can flush the poo and liner down the toilet! The fleece liners require a shake over the toilet and a rinse if they’re really bad. The nappies then go in the nappy bin ready for washing. You should wash every two days.

What are the benefits of using cloth nappies?

There are lots of benefits!

1. Cloth nappies don’t contain any chemicals, so they’re super and natural for your baby’s bottom! H-Bear loves the fleece liners and always seems a lot happier in cloth.


2. Reusable nappies are up to 40% better for the environment than their disposables. Bit of an eco-nerd alert moment here, but I have loved how empty our wheelie bin looks without two weeks worth of disposables in it! It’s made me realise how much rubbish we’ve been creating every fortnight which, when you look at the bigger picture from each household, that’s a lot of nappies going to landfill!

3. You can save up to £500 compared to the cost of using disposables and some local councils are even offering cash back incentives for parents who decide to use cloth! I’ve seen a subtle difference in the price of our weekly shop from not buying disposables over the past month.

4. They’re much more attractive than disposables! Just look at the beautiful prints! And a cloth bum is rather lovely too.


Did you stay on the cloth wagon for the whole month?

I have to admit that we’ve gone back to disposables a few times during our challenge… Once because we went on holiday abroad and I wasn’t sure whether there would be a washing machine or suitable drying facilities. Two more times because H-Bear has had two tummy bugs (thank you Nursery germs), and I didn’t feel able to face cleaning all the nappies as well as his yucky bottom. We’ve also put him in disposables on Tuesdays when my in-laws look after him, for ease.

The TotsBots Happy Mat

Did you find an alternative night nappy that matches the absorbency of a disposable?

Yes! I’ve been really impressed! I used the Bamboozle Stretch nappies with Peenut Wrap on top, and we’ve had a few nights without any leakage! I think I may need to upgrade our Stretch pad to a heavy one, which should solve the issue on heavier wee nights.


Will you stick with cloth nappies?

I hope so! Nick is finally getting to grips with them, and I love using them for all of the reasons mentioned above. I’d like to continue using them until H-Bear is potty trained (barring tummy bugs!) and hope we can stay on the wagon a bit longer this time. I’ve seen such a difference in our household rubbish, and also on our wallets, from just using cloth for a month, so I would definitely recommend anyone who is considering switching to cloth to give it a go.


If you are considering #GivingClothAGo then use code MAKEDO to get 50% off a trial kit on the TotsBots website. Just add the promo code at the checkout!

Find out more about cloth nappies and peruse TotsBots gorgeous range on the TotsBots website.


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*We received the above items for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*
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