Poem // Dropping a Nap

dropping a nap poemYou’re rubbing your eyes,
You’re yawning a lot,
But if you sleep now,
You’ll be up ’til 10’o’clock!
Your eyelids are drooping,
Please stay awake,
Evenings without you
Are our mini baby “break”.
It’s reached that time in life,
Where you have to drop a nap,
So for the next couple of weeks,
You might be a grumpy chap.
But it means you get to play more!
And you don’t miss out on fun!
And Mummy can’t use nap time,
To get everything she needed done.
Here, have another biscuit,
The sugar will help you stay
Awake enough to keep crawling,
And with your sister, play.
Nooo! Don’t lie down on me,
You know I love a cuddle,
But if you fall asleep now,
The routine will be in a muddle.
Time is ticking slowly…
Can I start dinner yet?
Do I dare leave you here?
Sleep is posing such a threat.
Half past four approaches;
You yawn and snuggle tight,
If you have a sleep now my love,
You’ll be awake until midnight.
Just keep going a little while longer,
Keep those eyes wide and bright,
We’ll sing another song or five;
Sleep, I’ll help you fight.
Finally! It’s time for dinner,
I sit you in your chair,
I turn around to get your water,
And we’ve entered a nightmare…
You’re asleep! “NOOO! WHY? OH, WHY?!”
Laughing hard, I switch my mood:
“I turn around for two seconds baby boy,
And you’ve face-planted in your food!”


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