Poem // Separation Anxiety

separation anxiety poemI love you
You love me,
I also really love
To pee… Alone.
But there you sit,
Watching me.
Trying to clamber
On my knee.
Don’t get me wrong,
I love to cuddle,
To hold you close,
A pudgy snuggle.
I love to kiss
Your little nose,
And count your
Ten teeny, ickle toes.
But there are some things
I have to do,
Without being permanently
Attached to you.
Peeling and chopping
Potatoes for dinner,
Whilst holding you?
That’s not a winner.
Getting dressed
For the day,
With you in my arms?
That’s the stressful way.
I prefer to sleep in a bed
With just your Daddy,
Which doesn’t make me
A big, mean baddie.
Nothing makes me happier
Than holding you tight.
Loving you completely,
With all of my might.
But my darling boy,
I need my space,
I do not need you
All up in my face.
So let’s take it easy,
Let’s chill this sh*t down,
Let me put you on the sofa
Without a sad frown.
Let me cook,
Let me dress,
Let me tidy up
All of your mess.
Without you
Holding onto my skirt,
Without you looking
Rejected and hurt.
I watch you in awe.
But Separation Anxiety,
Is a bit of a bore.


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  1. 22nd August 2016 / 6:37 pm

    Oh I always love your poems so very much, bless you I hope he calms down for you soon (and I’m sure he will, they go through phases don’t they?)
    Lily’s had her moments like this and I felt like I couldn’t say anything about it without somebody replying ‘they’re only little once’ or ‘make the most of it whilst you can’.
    Yes, thanks for that but it doesn’t make it any easier when I’m sat in my stained pyjamas, tired as frigg and getting the spanish inquisition about why the place is a pigsty.
    Sending love and hugs
    X X

  2. 22nd August 2016 / 7:29 pm

    Your poems are always brilliantly spot on. I love this one as much as all the others you’ve written. Poor you, I remember it so well, Luca crying at the side of the shower whilst I cried in the shower. Him because I wasn’t holding him, me because I just wanted a god damn shower in peace without a screaming child making me feel guilty for wanting to be clean. Luca is still quite clingy and insists on following me to the toilet whenever I go. It drives me insane, what I wouldn’t give for a solitary pee. X

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