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oxo tot feeding rangeBaby-safe bowls, cups and tupperware have become a staple in my life since I began stumbling through the Motherhood Wilderness back in 2012. So when the lovely folk at OXO Tot got in touch and asked us whether we’d like to try some items from their feeding range, I must admit that I got a little bit excited…

All of the items that I chose for H-Bear coordinate in beautiful turquoise (aqua) and white, which is in keeping with pretty much everything we own.

Sippy Cup with removable handles (£7.60 RRP)

We seem to go through cups rather swiftly in our household as H-Bear has a habit of throwing them on the floor, so I was curious to see how this cup would fare. I love the design – and I love that the handles are removable so it can easily fit in the pocket of a changing bag.

However, I have found that dirt easily clogs in the non-spill filter in the spout of the cup, which is fairly difficult to clean. I’ve also found that it’s not the most durable cup in the world – and that after a few drops on our wooden floor – the screw lid became increasingly more difficult to fix on properly…!

oxo tots weaning products review

Such a shame really, as it’s a lovely design.

Divided Plate With Removable Ring (£8.50 RRP)

This plate has been absolutely fantastic and we’ve used it almost every day since it arrived!

oxo tots weaning products review

H-Bear loves choosing from the different compartments on the plate. The removable ring has been so useful while he’s been learning to use a spoon; it’s definitely helped reduce mess and spillage.

oxo tots weaning products review

It can also be popped in the dishwasher, and the grippy base also helps reduce mess. Hurrah!

Flippy™ Snack Cup With Travel Cover (£6 RRP)

I must admit that we haven’t used this a huge amount, as H-Bear is still a little unsure about how to use it and frequently gets his hand stuck… However, it has been very useful in the car for Busby’s raisins!

The bowl is made of durable ‘bouncy’ plastic, which is great for when it’s dropped by little hands…

oxo tots weaning products review

Small & Large Bowl Set (£8.50 RRP)

These have been absolutely fantastic as both snack storage while out and about, and also as bowls at home for strawberries and other fruits.

I love the extra grip on the base of the bowls, which makes them more stable on the highchair tray.

They’re also dishwasher and microwave safe – making them excellent for storing and warming up leftovers.

Other than the sippy cup, I’ve been very impressed with the quality of all of these products, and would definitely use items from the OXO Tot feeding range again.

All of the above items can be found on the OXO Tot website.


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*I received the above items for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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