Busby // On the eve of your Preschool adventure

busby preschool adventureTo my darling daughter. My eldest bear.

Tomorrow you begin Preschool.

The start of many years in the education system. (Sorry!)

You are nervous. Which is understandable. I am too.

I know that you will be more than fine once you get into the swing of things. You always are. You are so like me in that respect; you build things up in your head to how you think they might be, but once you get there, once you realise everything is fine, then you relax and you will enjoy your time.

I know you will thrive in the Preschool environment.

You are such a friendly little soul who wants to be “best friends” with everyone you meet. You include everyone in your games. Even your pesky little brother who enjoys antagonising you.

You are so intelligent. We’ve deemed you our “Renaissance child”. Your mad skills in art. Your love for reading. Your excitement for maths.


Your imagination never fails to astound me. As does your memory!

You will learn so much. You will love to learn so much. You are a glorious sponge who thrives on new information.

I can’t wait to pick you up and ask you about your day. To hear what you have learnt. To see your art creations. To meet your new friends.

I sit here, writing this, remembering the day you arrived. I’m not sure where that time has passed. Almost four years since you plopped onto the bed (the Midwife didn’t catch you in time!) on a chilly December day.

Looking out over Brighton and the sea, holding you in my arms, I never really thought ahead to the future. I never thought about this bittersweet moment where I would be both excited for the next part of your adventure, but sad that you are swiftly growing up and will soon be four… and then five… and then thirteen and screaming at me that life is “so unfair!”…

I worry about the world that we have brought you into. I worry about the world that you will be growing up in. I want to keep you safe in our family bubble a little bit longer. Keep you shielded from the unkindness, the sadness, the darkness in this world.

Preschool will open up a bit more of this world to you. Other children will say mean things. You will say mean things too. That’s human nature. You will learn words that you may not have heard before (although I can be a little bit careless with some of these words, so you’ve probably heard a few of them!). You will meet people from all walks of the earth.

arty dinosaur

You will learn (even more so) that everyone is different. That everyone likes different things. But this is not a bad thing. Different is good.

You are already such an independent, clever little person, but I cannot wait to see how Preschool helps you progress intellectually and socially. I hope that you will learn not to follow the flock so much; to be brave enough to take your own path.

I hope that you will discover new books to tell me about on the way home.

And most of all, I hope that you will enjoy your time at Preschool. That you will relish your time there… Not so much that you don’t want to leave at home time, but enough that you look forward to going in the morning.

Good luck my darling. I wish you a very happy Preschool experience, and I hope that it nourishes your zest for learning.

Mummy xxx

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  1. 14th September 2016 / 6:55 am

    What a beautiful letter Hannah. She will be fine, in fact I’m sure she’s going to absolutely love it.
    And good look to you Mama, take tissues. X

  2. 16th September 2016 / 9:46 pm

    Such a beautiful post Hannah… I remember that feeling with my firstborn so clearly. It felt like the end of an era… And I didn’t want to say goodbye to our little cocoon at home… But it’s such an exciting adventure do, and Busby will thrive, I’m sure! My second-born, Heidi heads to preschool on Tuesday, and I’m sure I’ll feel all the same emotions again! Bittersweet as you say! Glad for both of us that we have our little boys to keep us on our toes!

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