Review // Britax-Römer TRIFIX Carseat

britax trifix reviewAt 14 months old, H-Bear has well and truly grown out of his Group 0 seat, so we were over the moon when the lovely folk at Britax gave us the opportunity to review one of their smart Britax-Römer TRIFIX carseats.

When I think of Britax, I immediately think of safety, so I knew my precious bundle of toddler would be safe in one of their seats. Britax have an extra feature on their site where you can check which carseats have been tested in various different types of cars to determine the best suited carseat for you. This gave me extra peace of mind from a safety aspect and meant the seat was perfectly suited to our car.


The installation was super easy. We have a new-ish model of the Citroën C4 Picasso, so the seat fitted perfectly without any hassle. The seat is designed for ISOFIX cars, and slotted in like a dream. The top tether was easy to fasten and correctly tension too, and it took Nick less than 10 minutes to get the carseat in. Best of all, Britax have a fitting video on their website, so if you’re like me and absolutely rubbish at reading instructions, then the video might be more helpful!

What I loved most about the installation (my inner geek is about to come out here) is that there are indicators to confirm when the ISOFIX and tether are correctly engaged and fastened. Once again, this gives even more peace of mind!

britax trifix review

The Seat – Group 1

The TRIFIX is a group 1 car seat, which means it’s designed for age 9 months to 4 years. Or, if you’re a diddy little thing like H-Bear, for weight 9kg-18kg.

It comes in a variety of colours – and although I requested the seat in the gorgeous Green Marble shade, we were sent the Cosmos Black. I swiftly fell in love with the shade though – and love how smart it looks in our car! Although it does show up ALL the snack crumbs…

britax trifix review

The Seat – Forward Facing

The TRIFIX seat is forward facing which, following months of rear facing, H-Bear absolutely loves. It’s made our journeys much more enjoyable as he can see everything and everyone, and our nightmare journey back from Sussex last weekend would have been 10 times worse if he hadn’t be able to see us!

britax trifix review

The Seat – Comfort Factor

Is the seat comfy? Well H-Bear seems to think so! It passed the snoozing test within about 10 minutes of him being in the car, and with the seat recline function, it meant that he wasn’t dropping his head on his chest.

The seat is well-padded, and the chest pads don’t seem to bother him either. My mum compared the seat to an egg seat, and it really is very similar – he seems so safely and snugly cocooned in there.

Also, for a little boy who hates to be confined and loves nothing more than running around and causing havoc, he actually doesn’t mind being in the seat and will happily sit and read, or just chatter away at us! The harness is a five-point harness too, which keeps him nicely snug and safe.

britax trifix review

The Seat – Safety Factor

I’ve mentioned the chest pads above already, but for more detail they are performance pads, which means they reduce forward movement during emergency stops or, god-forbid, a crash. They have extra cushioning, which H-Bear is fairly fascinated by, but they look like they would absorb some of the shock in a situation like a collision.

britax trifix review

Britax have used SI-PAD technology for superior side impact protection in the TRIFIX seat, and it really does look safe and hardy.

britax trifix review

I’ve been so impressed with the Britax-Römer TRIFIX carseat and would happily recommend it to parents looking for a next stage seat for their children. Not only does it feel and look safe, it’s incredibly easy to install, and is also very smart to look at!

The Britax-Römer TRIFIX carseat retails at £250, and local stockists can be found on the Britax website.


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*I received the above item for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*
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