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how to get your content onlineHello bloggers, article-ists, web-writing specialists, and the like!

So, you’ve got a passion for writing. Furthermore, that passion for writing actually extends to a passion for sharing. On top of that, you know your stuff. As such, you turn to the internet to fulfil your goals of sharing your knowledge about whatever exciting, new, hot topic you decide is worthwhile to write about.

But then, nothing.

At most a few likes, a couple of shares. But, your name, your piece, your content is not zipping through cyber space hitting the world’s billions of people like you hoped it would. It is not that your content is flat, or uninteresting; it is simply that the internet is, well, huge.

Articles, news, blogs, reviews, etcetera are posted to the web every second of every day. The number of pieces written about a given topic are numerous and readers generally click on the top few search results when exploring the web and dig no further. Most likely, as a potential world renowned blogger in the making, this is not what you want to hear. What you want to hear is that there is a way to get your content not only on the web, but seen.

And there is. There are undoubtedly a few tricks to get your content not only online but also on your potential viewer’s radar. As many of you know, the internet can work in many ways, so here are a few tips to help you get your voice heard.

1. Social Media

Everybody is on it. Everybody shares, tags, likes, reposts and sends their friends blogs, articles, posts, memes, and pretty much anything you can think of, via social media. So, why not use it to your advantage? Social media is rapidly becoming the way of the world, and not just in the millennial population. Its convenience and readily accessible nature feed the way of the masses. So, use it. Again and again and again. Due to its fast paced turn over time, it bodes well for the writer with much to say. So find your groove in social media. Target those who could most likely share an interest in what you are writing. Be consistent and share with those who find your posts relatable on a regular basis. And go big. Hit all the popular content sharing websites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit and LinkedIn.

Alison O’Riordan does an excellent job of using social media to get her thrilling take on local Dublin news out there and seen by many. She keeps content coming and shares it in a way that is easy and reliable in order to keep her readers coming back for more.

2. Forums

Along with social media, another way to get your content on the web is via forums. It is a great way to not only share your work but find your niche. There are thousands of forums, each focusing on a topic that may be relevant to your work, comprised of people dedicated to that field. Thus, when in a forum if something related to your area of expertise arises you are by all means encouraged to share your posting. This, quite simply, can drive more people in the direction of your content.

3. Own it

Although you can post your content via a billion and one websites, it is wise to own your own website. Whether that be a blog site, or your traditional website, this allows you to establish yourself as an online writer on your own terms. When you own your own page it is yours to do with what you will and to share your page, info, links how you desire. Much like Make, Do, and Push! content – from what gets posted to what types of ideas are incorporated in the website, all comes down to the owner. As such, blogs, photos, and even poems can be shared at will because the owner is the captain and the commander when it comes to post worthy content.

4. Advertise it

In addition to owning your own page, you can share you page and various postings via advertisement. There is a reason people and companies do it. It works. Though many avoid it, paid advertisement can allow you to share your work with those already interested in what you are sharing. Advertisement allows you to get your facet of knowledge seen on websites where it ought to be seen.

Using these tactics you can get your content shared by the world.

*Collaborative post.*

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