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teletubbies magazine reviewThe children love Teletubbies; it’s a programme that keeps them both hypnotised for a good few minutes and I can usually benefit from a hot cup of tea while it’s on… so when we were asked to have a look at the first issue of their brand new magazine, we were rather excited!

The magazine is aimed at the early years – so from 6 months to 3 years. Busby (who is 4 in December) enjoyed it all immensely and it was the perfect level for her. H-Bear is almost 18 months old and (when he’s been allowed a look in) has loved turning the pages and pointing at the characters. I’ve really enjoyed reading the stories with both children, with Busby taking part in the interactive sections and H-Bear snuggled on my lap listening.

teletubbies magazine review

Stickers are always a hit in our household, and the Teletubbies magazine has a good selection. They’re all nice sizes, so not too fiddly and therefore perfect for little hands. There maybe could have been a few more stickers, as Busby does tend to go through them very quickly…!

teletubbies magazine review

The magazine has a variety of activities; from dancing to finger painting to maze completing. The dancing has been especially popular (see video), and it’s something that both children keep coming back to again (and) again as they love to wiggle.

teletubbies magazine review teletubbies magazine review

Busby loves to draw and colour, and she really enjoyed completing these pages… Although we haven’t quite braved the finger painting yet!!

teletubbies magazine review

The magazine comes with a free Laa-Laa toy, complete with bed and blanket. The blanket went missing pretty sharpish, as small things tend to do in our household, but Laa-Laa and the bed have been very popular with both children, and have been welcomed into Busby’s toy house with the rest of her animals and people!

teletubbies magazine review

Overall, the magazine has been loved by both children, and we’ve kept coming back to it day after day to re-read a story, or re-do a dance, so it’s definitely value for money. I was a little disappointed with the sticker selection as I felt there could have been more, but Busby doesn’t seem too perturbed by this. The magazine is bright and colourful, and perfect for any fans of Teletubbies. Best of all, it’s now available to buy for only £2.99!


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  1. 17th October 2016 / 3:30 pm

    Our LO loves the Teletubbies!

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