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the best food delivery apps of 2016Long gone are the days of takeaway menus and having to ring through your order for collection.

Now we have hundreds of restaurants and food options available to us, literally at the end of our fingertips. Yes, we can still get our favourite Indian, Chinese or pizza dishes, but why not see what else is on offer and try new foods?

Restaurants ranging from McDonald’s to Michelin Star establishments can be found on apps, and their menu’s perused at our leisure.

Here are some of the best food delivery apps out there for 2016:

1. Hungry House

The market leader for a reason, Hungry House now have over 10,000 restaurants on its books for you to choose from, having just started with 9! Delivery is usually free or has a required spend. You can very quickly and easily determine if a restaurant is hit or miss depending on previous customer reviews and feedback. It’s also incredibly convenient, allowing you to pay directly through the app for your food.

The most popular cuisine of the app is Indian and Chinese, but the diversity of restaurants available means there’s something for everyone.

2. Amazon

Everyone knows Amazon as the global marketplace for anything and everything. As a company that is always looking to expand into other areas, Amazon has turned its eye on the food delivery market.

Through it’s Amazon Restaurant App, you can order food from a small selection of 100 restaurants. It’s only available to Amazon Prime Members currently, and only in certain areas of London with a busy nightlife scene – like the West End. It might not satisfy your cravings right now, but with plans to expand coverage and cuisine it’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

3. Appetise

Whilst similar to the market leader Hungry House, Appetise goes about food delivery in a different way. There’s no fees, exclusive offers for users and loyalty points for all your orders that you can redeem on future food for a discount as well! You get rewarded for eating tasty food!

Ratings let you know what restaurants are to be trusted and an iOS & Android App ensure you quickly and easily choose your food and make your payment.

As with the Amazon Restaurant App, coverage is dictated by your postcode and it’s potluck if you’re in an area receiving orders. Expansion is happening all the time though so do check back if you’re unsuccessful this time.

4. Feast HQ

Focusing on the night owl’s of world, Feast HQ will deliver food throughout the night. It doesn’t matter what time it is, simply put in your postcode and it will very quickly let you know what restaurants are around you and still taking orders.

Whilst choice is limited the later it gets in the evening, there’s still a very good selection on offer and it’s well worth a try depending on what time you get the munchies (great for pregnancy cravings!).

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What’s your favourite food delivery app? Or do you still use the old school method of paper menus?

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