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flogas #iwouldmissHave you ever considered selling your possessions and moving to the middle of nowhere? Yup, me too.

(It’s pretty much our plan if a zombie apocalypse ever occurs.)

A house away from everything, with lots of land and no internet…


No internet?!

After the essentials, like central heating and hot water, I think the internet is the thing I’d miss the most… Blogging, Netflix, even my version of Lightroom relies on the world wide web. I’d definitely get a lot more reading done though! And with the disaster that is 2016, it would be rather lovely to escape from the drama of this year… especially as I wouldn’t be checking the news or social media all of the time.

I’d miss drinking copious amounts of tea too – as I imagine getting to a shop to buy tea bags would be a whole day affair, so we’d have to buy them in bulk… and what about the milk? I guess we’d have to keep a small holding!

The lack of heating and hot water could be easily solved with LPG Gas, which would be completely integral for living in a remote area… Ooh, it’s becoming increasingly more appealing the more I think about it!

Flogas recently spoke to 910 Brits and found that 85% of people have, at some point, considered moving away from the city to live “off-grid.”

Most people prioritised running water, electricity and gas for cooking and heating as top priorities, but around 8% didn’t see them as a priority at all in a remote area. Running water was voted the most important service.

Oh, and almost half of respondents said they would miss their smartphones within a week (a week? More like a day…)!

Interestingly, men were found to have more of an urge to break away from society than women (34% of men vs. 28% of women).

I love the idea of remote living, but I also like having shops near me for emergency prosecco following a bad day. However, Flogas found that 25% of people are confident of their ability to self-sustain, ranking a local shop as a low priority when living in isolation. It would be a lovely idea to be able to grow everything ourselves, but sometimes you just need a bar of chocolate…?!

Does living “off-grid” tempt you? What would you miss the most?


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*Post written in collaboration with Flogas.*

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