Review // Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus reviewThere are some items that are very necessary when you have two children and the BuggyBoard is one of those. We were sent a Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus from Cheeky Rascals to help us along on our adventures, and it really has become an essential piece of kit in our family.

As I don’t drive Busby has always been fairly happy to walk everywhere since she gained her status of Big Sister, but while we were down in Sussex over summer I found that we were walking to the train station a lot to start our exploration for the day. Consequently, she was shattered by the time we had actually reached our destination, and the BuggyBoard saved these moments on our second stay in Sussex.

The BuggyBoard Maxi is a platform which attaches to the back of the pushchair with the easy fit connectors (included). It is said to be compatible with 99% of pushchairs, and we attached it to our Cosatto Wish travel system.

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review

It was easy to fit and we were ready to go within about 10 minutes! Once attached to the pushchair it’s quick and simple to use, and can be detached or folded away when not in use so it’s not always at the base of your feet when walking.

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review

The BuggyBoard has a large anti-slip platform, large wheels with in-built suspension for a smooth ride. Busby feels safe and secure on there, and always enjoys her ride!

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review

The BuggyBoard saddle seat has proved a big hit with Busby, her friends, and even H-Bear (although he was a little bit too small to actually be pushed along on it)! In fact, we had a few moments over summer where Busby’s friends took it in turns to ride on the seat as they were so envious that their boards didn’t have them!

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review

The seat can be easily removed and stored in the pushchair basket when not in use.

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review

The BuggyBoard is recommended from age 2 to around 20kg/44lb – which is around age 4-5.

The BuggyBoard was an amazing accessory to have whilst staying in Sussex, as we were walking all of the time. However, I have found that it made Busby quite lazy, so consequently, we haven’t used it as much up here in Yorkshire. It has been very useful for the afternoon school run, as Busby is usually too exhausted to walk following a day at preschool. She also loves being close to H-Bear, and he loves chatting to her as we walk along.

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review

I also found that, in the very beginning, I hit my feet on the board while walking as it is does get in the way a bit… but once you get used to it being there it becomes second nature to avoid!

Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus review

The Lascal BuggyBoard MAXI Plus costs £99, which includes the seat. It can be found on the Cheeky Rascals website. It’s a fantastic essential buggy accessory if you have more than one child and walk lots – and the saddle seat is a HUGE hit with everyone… although you may find yourself acquiring extra children for rides around!!!


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*I received the above item for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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