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creating the perfect working spaceMy current working environment leaves a lot to be desired. My up-cycled bureau that I found at the dump for £3 (!!!) isn’t quite right for housing the computer and my work chair is one from our dining room table… Add to that the fact that I’m bunched into possibly the darkest corner of the house, and it’s no wonder that I’m currently writing this post on the laptop in bed!

I have big plans to transform our family room in the new year into a light, bright creative space for both myself and the children. But for now I am formulating a plan in my head.

Ideally I’d love a work space either away from the house, or a room that I could shut the door on at the end of the day. I have huge fantasies about creating a space in a green house because the light would be ridiculously amazing, but the downsides would be a) cold in winter, b) too hot in summer, and c) not easy to secure… Nevertheless, I have a board full over on Pinterest!

We don’t have any spare rooms either, so our family room is probably the best place for my office. It’s light, bright and looks out over the garden.

I’ve been looking at office desks from Furniture at Work as I’d love something more sturdy for the computer. I’ve also been searching for a new chair – but is it just me, or are most comfortable work chairs really ugly? Can anyone point me in the direction of an office chair that’s beautiful AND comfy?!

I came across these divine pompom letters on Etsy. I’d love some that spell out “Create” and I definitely think I could make them myself… a crafty project for 2017!

I’m getting ahead of myself slightly (I have Christmas and a Tax Return to conquer first), but I’m definitely looking forward to January so I can start moving everything around and creating the perfect working space.

What do you love about your work space?


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