H-Bear // 18 months

H-Bear 18 monthsGosh, it only feels like yesterday that I was writing H-Bear’s 17 month update!

H-Bear now fits into Busby’s iconic raindrop coat, which I have mixed feelings about… It’s the coat she wore almost daily when she became a little girl, rather than a baby, and became ‘her’ (if that makes sense?). I can’t quite believe he’s old enough to wear it – this baby-toddler-child malarkey goes too quickly!

H-Bear 18 months

It has felt like H has been perpetually poorly this month, with cold after cold, and the arrival of a few more teeth. His sleep has been quite disturbed because of this, and we’re all feeling a bit exhausted at Make, Do & Push! HQ

This month, H-Bear has:

  • Gained two more molars, so he now has 10 teeth.
  • Decided that pop-up books don’t deserve to exist… and has great fun in destroying them every time my attention is focussed elsewhere.
  • Decided to take up feng-shui, and takes great pleasure in moving furniture around…

H-Bear 18 months

H-Bear 18 months

This month, H-Bear loves:

  • Dairy and soya-free cake!
  • Walking everywhere. Something has clicked this month, and H-Bear is now happy to hold our hands and walk along. He walked all the way to the Post Office last week (which is about a mile away from our house) holding my hand.
  • Cars. Still. One of his favourite things to do is stand at the roundabout near our house and watch them… We get some odd looks.
  • Trains. He absolutely loves walking past the train station we live near, and the train drivers usually wave as they go past.
  • Doing rolypolys. He will do them anywhere and everywhere. Including in muddy puddles.

H-Bear 18 monthsH-Bear 18 months

There’s not much else to report on the H-Bear front this month, other than he is completely obsessed with our Christmas tree. And, in a very Bah Humbug, un-Christmassy manner, I’m rather looking forward to January and not having to repeat “Please stop touching the Christmas tree” over and over again on a daily basis!


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