Review // Vax Air™ Lift Steerable Vacuum Cleaner

review Vax Air™ vacuum cleanerWhen our old vacuum cleaner decided it could no longer fulfil its duties (i.e. clean and suck up the constant mess that is our house), I was understandably very relieved that the lovely folk at Vax got in touch and offered us a new one!

Our last vacuum cleaner was a Vax, and we’d had it for years, so they’re a brand that we trust here at Make, Do & Push! HQ.

After a peruse on the Vax website, I decided that the Vax Air™ Lift Steerable Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner would be the best fit for us. Although we don’t have any animals of our own, the children make enough mess to rival that of a four legged companion… if not more!

So, what’s in the box?

The box contains the vacuum cleaner, 3-in-1 attachment for the vacuum hose, and the TurboTool. The Air™ is a bag-less vacuum.

review Vax Air™ vacuum cleaner

First Impressions.

I must admit that I was quite excited about taking the Air™ for a spin (how sad is that?!), and I wasn’t disappointed. After weeks of using a vacuum on its last legs, it was a relief to see a clean carpet on the first push. Plus it was so easy and light to maneuver. The full recline function is especially impressive, as you can get right under the furniture without having to change to the hose.

review Vax Air™ vacuum cleaner

Key Features.

Cleans well. I mean, this is essential for a vacuum cleaner, but it really does have a powerful pickup. I’m so impressed with how much it seems to pickup on all of our surfaces – and how easily it adapts from rug to wooden floor.

review Vax Air™ vacuum cleaner

review Vax Air™ vacuum cleaner

Further more, it has achieved AAAA performance ratings in independent tests, and I’m really not surprised.

Lightweight. I don’t feel like I’m putting my back out doing the vacuuming as the Air™ is so lightweight. Even Nick has been impressed with the weight difference between the old and the new.

Easy to change from main vacuum to the hose. It’s a very smooth and easy transition involving one process to change to the hose.

Portable lift-out cylinder. Not only is the Air™ lightweight, but it also has a portable lift-out cylinder, which I’ve found to be amazing for vacuuming the stairs. It’s also fantastic for car cleaning.

review Vax Air™ vacuum cleaner

Long cord. The Air™ comes with a 10 metre cord, which has been so useful for cleaning our stairs! It’s also been great for cleaning the downstairs circuit of our house as it means that I don’t have to unplug the vacuum at any point and I can keep cleaning.

TurboTool. Obviously a vacuum cleaner is an invaluable piece of kit for a house, but I’ve found it even more so during the winter months. Especially when the children have traipsed mud all over the hallway! The powerful TurboTool, which comes as an extra attachment for the vacuum, has been amazing for removing embedded dirt in our hallway and lounge rugs.

review Vax Air™ vacuum cleaner

We also dog-sat for a weekend a few weeks ago, and the TurboTool was fantastic for cleaning up all of the dog hair. Which is extra important in our household, as Nick suffers from asthma.

Capacity. The Air™ has a volume capacity of 1.5 litres, which is the only slight negative I can find about this vacuum. I find that it fills up very quickly – especially if I haven’t cleaned for a week…!

Guarantee? The Vax Air™ Lift Steerable Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner also comes with a six year guarantee.

Anything else?

I’ve been so impressed with the vacuum cleaner; from the amazing pickup, to the very handy portable cylinder. It’s a vacuum cleaner that works incredibly well, and I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a new vacuum. Especially so if you have children and/or pets. Even little things like the clip for the plug, contribute to making a really fantastic product.

review Vax Air™ vacuum cleaner

The Vax Air™ Lift Steerable Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner costs £249.99 and is available to buy on the Vax website now.


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*I received the above item for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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