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baby proof homeThe first thought that always enters my mind when I think about baby proofing is Mitchell on Modern Family, running around frantically trying to make their house safe for his daughter. I remember watching the episode pre-children, wondering whether I’d be like that as a parent…

And I have to be honest, we didn’t do a huge amount of baby proofing around the house with Busby. She’s always been so sensible, and not drawn to plugs or under-the-sink cupboards. H-Bear has been a completely different story though!

We’ve had a stair gate with both children, but with H-Bear I’ve found myself searching Amazon for cupboard locks, weighing up the merits of plug covers, and wondering how on earth we can cover every single sharp edge in the house, because he is drawn to danger!

Knives are always kept out of sight… Hot drinks are now moved to the highest surface, and as far back as they can go as he’s a climber.

There are some days that I seriously consider attaching some sort of Go-Pro-esque camera to his head with a live stream to my phone, so that I can monitor him if I have to leave the room!

Rattan Direct have created a quiz to see whether parents are aware of certain dangers, so I thought I’d have a go!

baby proof home

Phew! I got 100% which made me feel very relieved… Do I get a plaque to pop on the door? *SAFE HOUSE, AHOY! CHILDREN ARE SAFE HERE!* 

baby proof home

The quiz takes less than 4 minutes, and it’s a great little procrastination activity when trying to put off completing your Tax Return!

Let me know how you get on.


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