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Before Christmas I was invited to the British Wildlife Centre to take part in a blogger event hosted by Panasonic (you can read more about my morning here). I was gifted a LUMIX GX80 camera and had such a wonderful time in the autumnal sunshine, capturing photos of the beautiful animals.

Since then I’ve been putting the Panasonic LUMIX GX80 through its paces and I’m looking forward to sharing this review with you, as it’s really a fantastic piece of technology.

lumix gx80 review

What’s in the box?

The LUMIX GX80 comes with a rechargeable battery, shoulder strap, USB cable/charger, software and kit lens (12-32mm / F3.5-5.6 ASPH.)

First thoughts.

It didn’t take me long to get to grips with the GX80’s manual mode: Quick and easy to work out changing ISO, shutter speed and f-stop.

The 4K mode is very impressive – great for capturing fast moving animals! I also love the touch focus function on the screen.

panasonic lumix gx80 review

Main Features.

The LUMIX GX80 is a mirrorless camera, and shoots 16 MP resolution.

It has lots of fantastic features which make you feel a little bit like you’re holding a piece of photography wizardry in your hands.

panasonic lumix gx80 review

The most impressive of these features is the post focus function, which takes a few images of your capture and means that you can choose where you want to focus the shot after you’ve taken the photo! I haven’t used this function a huge amount as ideally you want your subject to be as still as possible for as long as possible, and I’m usually photographing the children… but I can see it being incredible for photographing nature.

Another impressive feature is the 4K mode. 4K mode allows you to video your subject and then take stills which can be used as photos. These 4K images can be blown up to A3 without losing image quality. 4K mode is ideal for photographing wildlife or children… I found it invaluable during our morning at the British Wildlife Centre with the squirrels, as they moved so fast!

british wildlife centre lumix gx80

The 4K mode is ideal for beginners, or children, wanting to take photos but who don’t have great timing or too much creative flare, as images can be chosen post-shooting. Basically you can still get great shots without being a ‘great’ photographer.

panasonic lumix gx80 review

What I like most about the GX80 is that you can change the lens. It comes with the basic kit lens (details above), which is great, but it doesn’t quite give me the depth of field I love in my photos, and therefore I find it a bit limiting. I’m currently saving up for the fixed focal 20mm lens, which I think will see me using the GX80 even more than I already do.

Nevertheless, I do find myself taking the GX80 out with me most days for those opportune shots – like this one of Busby taken on the walk home from preschool:

The touch focus on the viewing screen is a fantastic feature, and makes life a lot easier than fiddling with dials and buttons like I have to do on my DSLR.

panasonic lumix gx80 review

The GX80 has a moveable back screen, which I’ve found incredibly useful when I’ve been shooting or filming in confined spaces and I’ve needed the camera to be as far away as it can go. I’m disappointed that the screen doesn’t flip up completely though, as that would have been great for face-to-camera vlogging.

panasonic lumix gx80 review

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Talking of filming, prior to the arrival of the GX80, I had been using a combination of my iPhone and my DSLR for vlogging. Now I only use the LUMIX. The video quality is fantastic, and it’s inspired me to start getting more into vlogging for 2017. I shot this video on the GX80 if you fancy a gander.

Anything to add?

If it wasn’t clear from the above, I LOVE the LUMIX GX80. It’s an amazing piece of technology, and would be perfect for anyone looking for a mirrorless camera that still takes incredible photos.

panasonic lumix gx80 review

It’s ideal for every level of photographer: Auto mode is so easy to use and it still captures great photos. Manual mode is simple to get to grips with if you’re used to using manual on other cameras. There are also further modes to explore such as panning, and I know the expressive mode (where you can shoot in eight different filters) would be a big hit with some of my friends who enjoy editing on the camera itself.

I’ve taken to popping it in my bag wherever I go as it’s smaller and lighter than my DSLR, and it’s perfect for capturing those unmissable moments with the kids.

panasonic lumix gx80 review

The LUMIX GX80 retails at £729.99 and is available to buy on the Panasonic website.


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*I received a LUMIX GX80 camera in exchange for this post. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*


  1. 3rd January 2017 / 4:21 pm

    Sounds like a fab little camera for out and about when you don’t want a big DSLR with you!

  2. 3rd January 2017 / 8:02 pm

    Oh wow it does look like an awesome camera, especially for vlogging though I’m a bit eek at the price! Lucky you to have one to play with 🙂

  3. 3rd January 2017 / 8:09 pm

    This really does look amazing! Some amazing moments captured 🙂 ox

  4. Margaret GALLAGHER
    4th January 2017 / 6:29 pm

    Ive one of these but havent started using it yet
    Heard loads of great things about them

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