Busby // Half-term Baking

half-term bakingIt’s half-term here in East Yorkshire, and we’ve had a lovely start to the week.

Yesterday we headed into the village to the post office, the greengrocers and the florist. H-Bear walked all the way, and Busby scooted along in the sunshine.

half-term baking

I love the sunny, bright mornings, but the children are gradually waking up earlier and earlier – so it was an early 6.45am for Busby yesterday. Despite this, she was in relatively good spirits – and even requested her own tulips for her bedroom, and an apple from the greengrocers!

Both children sat on a bench on the little village green and ate their respective fruit… very quietly. It was a lovely (and incredibly rare) moment to behold, so I didn’t question a thing. Instead I let my heart swell, while my ovaries screamed: “wouldn’t it be great to have another one?”

H-Bear was in desperate need of a nap when we got home (after his rather long hike) so once he fell asleep Busby and I baked a cake!

One of Busby’s friends from school is coming over this morning for a playdate, and she (and her sister) also suffer from CMPA like H-Bear does, so we baked our favourite classic dairy and soya-free Victoria Sponge cake. Which is when I captured these photos below:

half-term bakinghalf-term bakinghalf-term bakinghalf-term bakinghalf-term bakinghalf-term baking

Because we all know that licking the bowl out at the end is the best part!

Fingers crossed the rest of our half-term continues along this positive, happy path!


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  1. Helen P
    22nd February 2017 / 3:30 pm

    Lovely photos – she looks like she’s enjoying it! – Helen 🙂

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