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lionshomeWe looked around my dream house last week in our village… It’s a four bedroom Victorian end of terrace, with a huge garden, amazing light and so much space. There was even the most ideal patio for prosecco consumption in the summer. And the doorbell was something out of Downton.

Nick came to see it with me on the second viewing, and we both agreed that it’s likely to be a money pit, and unfortunately not viable. It would have been a big project. But oh so amazing once finished…


However, space is still required. Namely an office space that I can shut the door on.

At the moment I can’t switch off with the computer being in our main living space, and I find myself drawn to it when I should be having down time.

So I’ve been dreaming… and browsing… and dreaming some more.

I’ve recently discovered the LionsHome website, which has a plethora of items from different shops (like M&S and in one handy place. The site is very easy to navigate, and it’s the kind of website that you can spend hours browsing.

I’ve been putting together my dream office space in the vain hope that maybe, one day, I might have an workspace that I can close the door on.

Dream office or not, I am actually on the hunt for a chair, so that was my first browsing port-of-call.


LionsHome has a wide selection of yellow chairs (obviously I’m drawn to a yellow chair!) and I fell in love with quite a few. This yellow one from is gorgeous… and this grey one (also would fit in with our current colour scheme. In fact, it’s neutral enough to go with lots of colour schemes!

Next, I thought I’d have a look for a desk. I found this white one from Amazon, which is the sort of style I’m after.


Although I do rather love this desk too… Probably not massively practical though with no drawers.

My dream office space would have a small sofa in it, so the children and Nick could come and chat to me while I edited photos. It would also be useful for potential clients to come for a chat and cup of tea.

This one from Sofas & Stuff is absolutely gorgeous! And would match both the grey and the yellow chair… Doesn’t it look comfy?


I also rather love this one from! Oh, and it’s yellow…!

This office space is looking rather fabulous in my head… Teamed with photos all over the walls to showcase my photography, and perhaps a cheeky article or two (because the children and I were in actual British Vogue in January, and Childrenswear Buyer Magazine in December!) and I think the office is taking shape.

A rug would be a fantastic finishing touch. Especially if I can convince Nick to sand and paint the floorboards as he’s done in the entire lower floor of our current house! They look AMAZING and that’s pretty much his job for life now for whichever house we live in…


This yellow rug on Amazon would fit in wonderfully with everything else I’ve chosen. I also rather like this one from Debenhams.

Now, I just have to find a house with a spare room so I can complete my vision. Or perhaps I should buy a green house, or shed, and move into the garden? The light would be pretty amazing… although it might be a bit cold in the winter!

Ummmmm…. Loft extension?!

Whatever we decide to do, or wherever we decide to be, I can’t wait to create my dream office space.


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