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Kingston Unity Junior ISAWe’ve recently been on the lookout for an ISA account for H-Bear. There are so many different options on the market that it’s felt like quite a daunting task at times. So I was relieved when Kingston Unity got in touch and introduced me to their new Junior ISA account.

Kingston Unity are a small mutual society based in Wakefield, Yorkshire, and they have created a Junior ISA with a difference.

The Friends & Family Junior ISA was developed by busy working parents within the company; people who really understand that life becomes one big juggling act when you have children.

It’s quick to set up, easy to use, and allows the user to share links with friends and family without the need for cheques or bank transfers (although these are still possible).

There are so many great features that set it apart from other Junior ISA accounts:

Kingston Unity Junior ISA

  • My favourite feature is that, when gifting money, the giver can leave a message for your child! This can be anything from ‘Happy 2nd Birthday!’ to words of wisdom about the world they’re growing into. It’s such a lovely idea, and makes it a perfect memory capsule for the child to look back on.
  • Your child is able to set up what they would like to save for in their own dashboard. Obviously they may need some guidance from you, but it’s a great way of demonstrating how to save money for their future. It’s also a great talking point for discussing future plans, and what they may need money for when they get access at 18. Ideas include university fees, a house purchase, or perhaps a car.
  • The giver can select one of these savings options to put the monetary gift into. Therefore indicating how they would like to see their money used in the future.

It’s a great way for your children to see their fund grow over the years. It gives the money more meaning, and a sense of appreciation for a monetary gift, which can often get lost.

Payments can be as little as £5 per month or £10 lump sum, and you can pay up to £4080 into the account per year. Payments can still be made by cheque or bank transfer, but can also be made via debit card or even direct debit!

Kingston Unity Junior ISA

I think it’s such a fantastic idea, and it will hopefully pave the way to creating a more saving-savvy generation. I LOVE the personal touch with the messages – it’s such a great idea, and gives the gift of money so much more meaning.

We’ll definitely be looking into setting H-Bear up with one of these accounts. You can find out more about the Friends & Family Junior ISA on the Kingston Unity website.


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*Post written in collaboration with Kingston Unity. All views and opinions expressed in this post are my own.*

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