Motherhood // To my pregnant best friend

to my pregnant best friendOh my darling,

You are expecting your first bundle. And, as I sit here watching Call the Midwife, I’m reminded of how it felt to be a mum for the first time.

The excitement of my growing belly. The joy of hearing the first heartbeat. The shock when she plopped out onto the bed.

We have known each other for so many years now. And what a journey that has been already. Your path is about to get even more exciting. But you know me, I’m always honest with you. It’s not an easy path to undertake. It’s so completely worth it, but it’s not easy.

Motherhood is amazing.

Motherhood is terrifying.

Motherhood is frustrating.

Motherhood is lonely.

Motherhood is exhausting.

Motherhood is mind-blowing.

Motherhood is a journey.

Motherhood is a transformation.

At times, it will feel like the hardest thing you’ve ever endured.

At times, you will feel happier than you ever thought was possible.

At times, you will wonder what the hell you have done with your life.

At times, your heart will sing.

At times, you will cry and scream because you’re too tired to even stand.

At times, you will laugh and cry with joy because the person you created is amazing.

At times, you will have no idea what you’re doing (this happens at least once a day!).

And, at times, you will feel like Super Woman!

You are amazing.

Please don’t forget that while you grow and progress through the few weeks. While you give birth. And while you stumble through the thicket of the newborn haze.

Because, you know what?

You created a person.

You grew a person.

You will birth that person.

And, no matter how you choose to birth your baby, you are strong and powerful.

We may live too many miles away from each other, but please remember that I am always here for you. No matter what time of the day – please don’t hesitate to call or text. And I will try to be there for you as much as I can – both mentally and physically. Because, let’s face it, I can’t resist a newborn cuddle.

You will never be alone in this.

Welcome to the club.


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